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  1. Hi all

    Thank you. I added a piece of plywood to enlarge the area and glued painted egg shells on the stairs and porch, then modge podged it. Because I did the railings differently and left some out I had enough left for the porch.  
  2. Hi all

    This is my version of the Newport, looks a little different but I guess we can add some individuality. I finally finished the house, well, the outside. It was a little more tricky than I had thought and of course I made some mistakes. However, I'm quite pleased and will have some climbing vine or so to cover the spots I screwed up. I will work more on the outside and am waiting for the electrical kit; that will be the next challenge!
  3. My instructions say to paint immediately before doing anything else. Some people say to dry-fit first to mark lines where not to paint (apparently glue does not adhere to painted areas too well?). Is it safe to give it one coat of flat interior latex paint and then do a dry fit? Decisions, decisions! 
  4. Does anybody know if there are shows in the Ottawa area this year? Tia
  5. Planning process

    I just got my first kit and am also nervous. I started to collect pictures and ideas and keep them in a folder. 
  6. Newport additions

    That is true, you're never done with a house, no matter if it is real life or miniature.
  7. I have the Newport kit and have been looking online for ideas before I start building. I would like to add a garage and the Newport addition; is there a way to do that later or does it make more sense to start the whole project together? Tia.
  8. Hi all

    I'm new to the group and just wanted to say hello. Over the past couple of years I made some room boxes and built a "quick assembly" house which I have donated.  In a moment of insanity I bought the Newport kit, now I'm scared to get started; I don't want to mess it up. Be prepared for lots of questions to come. Cheers, Ute