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  1. bathroom.JPG

    Wow! I've got to try that tutorial! Looks stunning!
  2. Fireplace.JPG

    It's beautiful! I love it!
  3. Stairs stink

    Thanks for all of the suggestions! I realized when looking at photos of completed dollhouses that the stairs seemed to be not quite necessarily to scale (and quite steep)— and there was probably a reason for that. The stairs we mocked up were based off of real stairs and I think it's totally worth fudging it to gain some space. I just purchased a dollhouse stair from hobby lobby to play around with and I'm sure we'll figure it out. I think the additions will also give me the space I need to make everything work. I'm lucky my step-dad has all the tools in the world (he was a Broadway set builder before he retired) so as he always tells me "I have the technology" to make it happen! Thank goodness for him. 
  4. Stairs stink

    From the album The Bexley

    The stairs were the culprit. I really want a substantial staircase because I love stairs! Is that weird? We threw together this dinky mock-up from cardboard and I soon realized how annoying stairs are! They take up SO much space! There just didn't seem to be any solution that didn't feel SO obstructive. Back to the drawing board... 
  5. Demo day!

    From the album The Bexley

    I took down all of the interior walls so I could have a better feel for the space, and once I started to reconfigure, I quickly realized I needed MORE space! My step-father will be helping me design/build two additions. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it! 
  6. Welcome home!

    From the album The Bexley

    This is the house as it was when I purchased it. I'm not a huge fan of the double balcony, so I think it will either come off completely in favor of a portico, or be reimagined into a covered front porch. I'll be changing/adding windows, and plan to do a painted white brick exterior. 
  7. Can anyone ID this dollhouse for me?

    I decided to bite the bullet and buy it for 20 big ones! I figured I had nothing to lose. The man didn't know anything about it, but I thought it had good bones. I'll be working on it with my step-dad. Yay!
  8. Can anyone ID this dollhouse for me?

    31"W x 22"D x 27"H. Oh, and one more pic! Does 27" high seem short? I keep comparing it to other dollhouses and they all seem taller — but maybe because there is no foundation? Also — how does one add a foundation? 
  9. Can anyone ID this dollhouse for me?

    I'm not sure! Someone local to me is selling — and I thought it looked nicely built as well (albeit not quite my taste in colors)! I'm curious to know what it is so I can obsessively google image search, and spend the rest of the night renovating it in my head! ;)
  10. Hi everyone! Wondering if any of you know what dollhouse this is....? Thank you  
  11. Hello from the UK

    The tin!!! Too cute!
  12. Hi from Napa CA!

    Wish I was in Napa! I'm new here too! Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  13. Hi from NYC!

    What a wonderful transformation! I just love the built-ins around the fireplace! I should be doing something small, but of course, everything that's really speaking to me is gigantic and ridiculously inappropriate. Luckily I won't be working on the actual house in my tiny apartment. My mom is letting me work on it in her suburban spare room. With Summer on its way (and the city smelling increasingly like urine and hot garbage), I think i'll be spending a lot of time out there! 
  14. Hi from NYC!

    Their brick and mortar shop is closed now! (The city is just one giant CVS and Chase bank at this point, unfortunately). I know some really awesome stores in New Jersey though that I will definitely be checking out soon!
  15. Hi from NYC!

    Hi, everyone! My name is Johanna, hailing from the Upper West Side of Manhattan! I recently decided that I wanted to renovate a dollhouse after I ran out of places to decorate in my very tiny (but not quite miniature) apartment. I've actually always loved dollhouses and miniatures in general. I was constantly making dioramas and creating pseudo dollhouses in my cupboards.  I frequently visited the Minature Museum at the Nassau County Museum of Art as a kid and was always taken by the incredible creations. And whilst I did have a fairly impressive Playmobil dollhouse as a kid (and clearly remember my parents making it out to be a very big deal), I couldn't help but want a REAL wooden house like my neighbor Dara had!  So here I am now, at 29 — it's time for my dollhouse! I have spent the past 4 days lurking around this lovely forum, trying to figure out what style I want to work with. I've been scanning Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to see if I can rescue a blast-from-the-past, but I haven't found "the one" just yet. I'll keep you posted! So excited to learn from all of you. I'm blown away by your talents!