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  1. Willow built in unit

    Wow! That is amazing work.  I am speechless!
  2. Desk Calendar front

    Love it!   I always find it funny that I can be patient while working on minis but then have zero patience with everything else.  Your patience paid off here.  
  3. Desk Calendar

    That is awesome!  Great job!
  4. Costuming

    Wow!  She looks great!   
  5. hardwood flooring

    I just cut the rounded edge off with snips.  It was tedious but you will love how it looks when its done.  
  6. Bay Window

    So pretty and inviting!
  7. Inside of second floor room

    Yes, Loving this.  It is adorable.  Well done!
  8. Cafe Outside

    So cute!  I really like the colors. 
  9. It's coming together

    From the album Shabby Chantilly

    This is where I am at right now.  Don't worry, my panels and floor are not glued.  I have installed the beams in the bathroom and bedroom.  Installed the stairs. Next on the list.....finish the front porch, and make wood floors for the bedroom and living room. 
  10. Stairs are installed

    From the album Shabby Chantilly

    Yay!!  The stairs are in.  The install gave me serious anger issues but I finally got them in. 
  11. Exposed Brick and Railing

    From the album Shabby Chantilly

    I have decided to keep the exposed brick wall.  I think once I have it completed with miniature accessories, it will add texture. 
  12. Panelling the inside front

    I had to do the same thing on my 1978 refab.  Once you get everything done, it will not be noticeable.  There will be all sorts of eye catching details and you will forget that it is there.  
  13. Chantily-kitchen-wip2.jpg

    I think the floor is beautiful.  Love the crisp look of it. 
  14. Laser cut Chantilly

    Thank you for all your sympathy and help.
  15. Newbie

    First off, welcome and howdy!  I personally do the exterior after it is built. I sometimes wallpaper and paint the interior before gluing it together.  Also, I recommend doing a dry fit before glue to make sure things are lined up correctly.  Also, do NOT use a glue gun.  As far as tools.....glue,  sandpaper, painters tape or masking tape, clamps, the lust can go on and on.  As you come across particular obstacles,  you will learn what you need.  Plus, we can help.  Most importantly, be patient and have fun with it.