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  1. Piece measurments

    ok so i have a beacon hill dollhouse, my very first one and i made a mistake while putting the staircases together (live and learn right?) So i tried to pull the wood apart but after splitting one piece i decided to leave it in tact and just filed the pieces and used wood filler to finish the construction on the staircases, and it seemed to work fine (i had made all the pieces fit and there were no gaps)... Until i tried to insert the stair case into the house. Because of the alterations ive made the stairs now do not fit into the house. I live in Australia so it would be very expensive to order a new set of stairs and have them sent to me (is this even possible?) and because ive altered the pieces i cant really measure them accurately and i was wondering if anyone had the measurements for all the staircase pieces so i could buy some wood and cut them out myself? (i am currently awaiting reply from greenleaf company as to what my other options are but thought other builders might have some ideas i could try)
  2. Hai everyone! My name is Alicia and I live in Australia. I became interested in dollhouses about 7 or so months ago when I had a relapse in my mental illness and was looking for a hobby to keep myself busy during the days I was alone at home. I discovered it was almost impossible to get dollhouses here and began looking overseas. Shipping was INSANE!!! I fell in love with the beacon hill house but sadly couldn't afford the house and to ship it all the way here. So I bough a small one online from ebay and decided to see if I would stick with it before I spent so much money. I finished the tiny house in a couple of months and loved it, so decided to save for a Beacon Hill. Today I ordered my Beacon Hill and CANT WAIT to receive it and start building!!! I'm SOOOOO excited!!