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  1. Newel post question

    Kelly, you are so kind!!  I’ll send you a PM.
  2. Newel post question

    Thank you, I bet you are right.  One of the other things that is missing is one of the finials (not sure if that’s the correct name) on the roof, and last night I was able to find the pieces to make it in my Lawbre catalogue, so it would make sense if the newels were from Lawbre, too.  Unfortunately, my catalog only shows the newel posts attached to staircases, and I’m not able to see enough of the detail to make sure they match.  Looks pretty close though, so I went and ordered a set to try, since I was ordering the finial components anyway.
  3. Any tips for museum putty removal?

    Oh Sarah, thanks for telling me that!  I have such a love/hate relationship with wallpaper.  It can be so gorgeous but it can also be such a pain in the rear!
  4. Newel post question

    My JA dollhouse is in wonderful condition, but it is missing a few little things.  One of them being a newel post on the second floor stairs.  I’ve looked at a bunch of newel posts online and have not seen a matching one — does this look familiar to anyone?
  5. Any tips for museum putty removal?

    Okay thanks.  I thought I would probably just need to redo the walls, but I didn’t want to rip everything off and then find out that if I had known a specific tip or trick I could have saved the ones I really liked.
  6. I did a search for this but didn’t come up with anything specific.  My new house has lots of what I guess is museum putty all over the place.  It’s kind of a bluish/greenish color, and someone was VERY generous with it when they decorated this house.  I can get it off of the wood just fine, but it seems to be leaving an oily residue on the wall paper.  Is there any way to avoid this?  Or do I just need to put up new wallpapers?  TIA for any advice!
  7. I got an Artply Highland!

    That is so cool!!  I love it!  When were the kits made?  
  8. ID help needed for house

    Valerie, that house!!  Wow..... just.. WOW!  Magnificent!!!
  9. ID help needed for house

    Yes!!!  It is from EBTH!!!  They don’t have miniatures very often, but when they do they are often pretty neat.  I practically swooned when I saw all of those houses listed at once!  I must have looked at each of  them three or four times a day.  I really thought I didn’t have a ghost of a chance to get the JA house, I just put a bid in on a lark, for five dollars more than the listed amount, expecting to be outbid immediately, but I wasn’t.  I could hardly believe it!  I kept expecting EBTH to contact me and say there had been a mistake, or that they had messed up the shipping estimate and it was going to be more than the house itself.  The shipping was very expensive, but I have to give EBTH credit — they sent it halfway down the eastern seaboard in a cargo van, and it arrived looking exactly like it did in the photos.  When it came yesterday I felt like I was dreaming! Best, Lisa
  10. ID help needed for house

    Thank you all so much for the responses!  So would Clell Boyce be the person who finished the exterior and interior?  If not, is there any way to find out who did?  I would really like to be able to give credit where credit is due.  Whoever did the work on it did an absolutely amazing job.  The shingles seem to be individually applied, the gutters and downspouts look like they would actually work, the flashing on the roof is real copper — the back steps even have a teeny tiny outdoor spigot on the side!  The kitchen floor is real tile — someone put their heart and soul into this house— I wish I knew who it was!   The pics are of my actual house — I just got frustrated because the ones I took weren’t loading so I uploaded a couple of screenshots from the auction listing.  Plus their pictures looked nicer than the ones I took of it sitting on my badly-in-need-of-painting front porch.   Thank for the info about starting an album!!  I would love to do that, and although the house really doesn’t need very much work, there are a few things I would like to restore, and would love ideas on how I might go about doing that! Best, Lisa
  11. ID help needed for house

    One more try........   Well, now it won’t upload the signature photo, but maybe someone will know something based on the photos of the house itself.
  12. ID help needed for house

    Arrgghh!!!  It keeps saying “upload failed” when I try to attach the photos. ☹️
  13. I was recently lucky enough to win an auction for a dollhouse that I absolutely fell in love with, and I would like to know more about it, if possible.  It has a a stamp on the bottom that says “Victorian Times Miniatures”, printed in a circle, with the number 52 inside the circle.  There is also a signature that I cannot make out, and the date 9/1/85.  There was a piece of paper inside the house that said it was a Joseph Angel Victorian, but the signature underneath sure doesn’t look like Joseph Angel to me.  I’ll try and post a picture of the house, and the signature.  I would be really grateful if anyone could tell me anything about this house!   Best, Lisa
  14. I posted about six months ago that I have been looking for RGT Foxhall Manor additions.  I’ve been fortunate enough to find the conservatory addition, but am batting absolutely zero when it comes to finding the 2 story addition.  If anyone has one that they might be willing to sell, please let me know.  I don’t think I can list prices here, but I would be willing to pay twice the retail value of the kit, if anyone is interested in making some money to use on other projects.  Thanks for reading!