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  1. 'So long it's been good to know ya'

    I have only been on this forum for a short time, but I have enjoyed watching your progress with the lake house - you do beautiful work, and it's incredibly inspiring for a newbie like me. I wish you the best as you navigate your health challenges. Thank you for all you have shared with the community. 
  2. The music room

    Really stunning - love the detail. I'm really enjoying seeing your progress with this build! 
  3. Introduction

    Welcome! Add me to the chorus of folks who would love to see photos of your past builds and current project!
  4. Progress pics- upper level flooring

    Looks fantastic!
  5. Love it! I would spend all my free time in that space if it were real-life scale. 
  6. First dollhouse

    Given that it is hinged, it seems that you could easily remove the rear flap and preserve the ability to restore it in the future if you changed your mind. What a nice DH - happy finishing!
  7. Kitchen complete

    Thanks! The effect is very convincing!  
  8. Kitchen complete

    Looks fantastic! What did you use for the kitchen tile? 
  9. heritage roof fix.jpg

    Looks great! 
  10. Moonlight Retreat exterior plants

    Great details with your garden! The whole effect is really well done.
  11. Light strings

    You are creating a lovely, cozy atmosphere! Looks great!
  12. BeaconHillHallDRLR01.jpg

    This is really lovely. Nicely done!
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Holly's on the money with it being a RGT - looks like it's the front opening Federal Manor. 
  14. Which house is this

    I’m using scrapbook paper for my current project. Cheap and easy to replace a sheet if I screw up (which, of course, I just did...)