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  1. Shingle painting tips

    Thanks for the tips. What is the actual difference between a stain and a wash? As I understand it stains are also water based normally.
  2. Shingle painting tips

    Hi, I want to paint my shingles "realistic" on a Victorian dollhouse.My plan was to mix an acrylic wash and apply it in a varying number of layers to get some variation. Don't know if this is a good idea. Here in Sweden we dont have many Victorian houses; is dark brown or black good choices?
  3. Hi, I have some walls in my house just painted with acrylics. Do you guys normally use some sort of varnish on top of this? I noticed it is really easy to get the walls dirty in other cases, and when I try to remove the dirt it also dilutes the paint a bit. My original thought is that it should not be needed, as you normally don't do it in a real house. Thanks!
  4. @havanaholly haha yes it was supposed to be an "it" in that sentence   @Sable Not an inch, like 2 mm which is not even 0.1 inch. Also as there is no mention in the manual and in all pictures it looks like they are centered, I assume it is an error. It is however more than I would expect as a laser-cutter calibration problem. I have that too on some parts, then it represent itself as a small notch maybe around 0.3 mm big (sorry for my non-imperial units).
  5. Thanks! I will cut myself, even though the trims will be an bit short then  
  6. Hi, just bought my first dollhouse (Tennyson half-scale). I noticed that all bay windows and also the small peak window are slightly off-center horizontally in their respective piece (seemingly more than an accuracy error, a couple of mm). In the manual and pictures I cannot see this and also no mention of how they should be aligned, as they otherwise can be turned both ways. Is this an error on Greenleafs part or am I missing something?