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  1. Skilcraft Nob Hill Victorian Dollhouse

    Thank y'all so much! So the biggest thing I've noticed so far (just assembling the first 3 floors per instructions) is that there are pieces that are SUPPOSED to fit, but don't fit as well. Like, there are gaps on one side of the piece, but the other side fits snugly. I feel like maybe sanding down isn't necessarily the answer, mostly because I'm worried that I'll sand down too much. Does wood putty or something else make up for these gaps? Or would I be better off getting a piece of wood and having my father-in-law just cut out a piece that fits properly?
  2. So I bought a new (old) dollhouse today! It obviously sat in someone's attic for YEARS, and I decided to show it some love! Most of the pieces are still in the box - I think I may be missing a few triangular shapes, but nothing my file can't whip up. So the serious questions: I have never built a dollhouse (although I've wanted to my whole life!), and I don't know where to start. It's a rather large house, and my son is already talking about wiring it! I read something about dry fitting, and something else about priming...what are the absolutely necessary things to do to built the best (and sturdiest) dollhouse? I should mention, I have 3 kids under 7, so it will get played with. And in what steps do I do these things?