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  1. Sorry, I'm new to this forum and didn't see the guidelines post.
  2. I have recently found these two dollhouses while cleaning out my grandmothers basement. I am trying to get at least around [edited] for the Tennyson and I am accepting offers for the Theresa Dollhouse. There is a Dropbox link to the photos since they were to large for the website. The Theresa dollhouse is only opened to check the manual, otherwise it is new.  Thank you and have a nice day.   Link to thread about the Theresa dollhouse:
  3. Question about The Theresa dollhouse

    Unfortunately I don't have the time or skills to restore it. I was planning on trying to sell it and use the money to help my Grandma.
  4. Hi, so let me preface by saying I don't know anything about dollhouses, I am posting here just because I cannot find any information about the dollhouse I found while cleaning. I found a dollhouse called The Theresa dollhouse and I wasn't able to find any information online about it, Apparently it was a mail order only dollhouse from the 90s? If anyone has any information about this particular dollhouse please let me know, I am interested in finding more information on it. Thank you!