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  1. Garfield kitchen door wall

    Hi Khadi - Thank you for your prompt response. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  I had previously installed the Front Wall Right Section with no problem; my problem is in the kitchen door wall, which is on the left side.  I was just experimenting and I found that if I assume that the slot in the left wall is misplaced, all is well.  Greenleaf is not perfect (the diagram of the kitchen door wall has significant differences from the actual), so I think if I follow my instincts and remove one tab from the kitchen door wall, we'll be good to go.  The misplaced slot will be covered with wallpaper. Once again, thanks for your help.
  2. Garfield kitchen door wall

    Otterine - Thanks so much.  So far the blog doesn't address my issue, but with some deeper research, who knows?  In any case, it's an invaluable reference tool.  Thanks again.
  3. Garfield kitchen door wall

    Anybody else have an issue with this part?  The kitchen door wall (sheet 8) doesn't match with the left wall/back section (sheet 13).  The only way I can make them fit puts the kitchen door wall at about a 30o angle.  Additionally, there are significant differences between the kitchen door wall on the instruction sheet, and the actual part.  I have a wood shop and could probably jury rig a solution but I'm afraid that will come back to haunt me later on.  Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  4. Have you ever stained a dollhouse?

    I have had very good luck on many different wood projects using SamaN water- based stain.  It's not cheap but a little goes a long way..  There are 28 different colors available, plus you can get a mixing chart that gives formulas for well over 100 different colors.  It looks great on birch plywood, not too bad on lauan
  5. The Garfield project

    I just finished my first dollhouse,  the Arthur - going to start my wife's Garfield very soon.  The luan (lauan?) that Greenleaf kits are made of does not take paint well.  Anything on the Arthur that would be painted, I replaced with 1/8 in. birch plywood, which you can get at any of the woodworking sites - I get mine from Cherry Tree Toys. Also (and I haven't tried this yet) - it should be possible to rout a groove in the wall so the tape/wire can be inlaid. I agree with HavanaHolly - no way would I go near Facebook, Twitter, etc.