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  1. Newbie

    Welcome Rochelle! I'm a new member too. Good luck with your dollhouse. I am almost finished with my first. However, I feel like I "cheated" because my  dollhouse was already put together when I bought it. It was bare wood, but I got to start with the really fun part. Although, I can see the big advantage of starting from the beginning. Some things were really awkward to do on the inside after the house was already built. I had to laugh when you said you are "in trouble". I know how you feel...I also have so many future projects in my head that I am anxious to get to.  Have fun!!
  2. Carol from Michigan

    You are absolutely right, Holly! My other half says the same thing. He's an artist (paints animals, ocean life, birds) and always has multiple paintings in progress. However, unlike myself, he has plenty of space at his home. This dollhouse I'm working on seems to get bigger every time I look at it! I do have about five or six mini projects that have been started in my head. :) By the way, your “About Me” profile is amazing!    
  3. Carol from Michigan

    Thank you very much, Holly. I'm getting close to the finish and look forward to adding photos. I'm on a mission to complete this...finally.
  4. Hello Everyone! My name is Carol and I am from Michigan. I discovered this site about a year ago when I was looking for information about a dollhouse my mom and I purchased over 20 years ago. We bought it at a Meijers store for $25.00. It was a floor sample sitting on a shelf that had been constructed but not decorated at all. There were no kits left for sale, so I did not know the maker or the name of this dollhouse. I painted and applied stucco to the outside but then it sat in my mom's basement until a year ago. This year, now that I saw it every day, I finally got going on it again. However, during the move, most of the stucco had crumbled and fell off. I scraped it all off and put clapboard siding on it. I have been working on the outside and inside and am almost done...after more than twenty years! The dollhouse turned out to be a Dura-Craft Queen Anne. After browsing on this site for awhile, I finally joined. I'm looking forward to starting some new miniature projects.  I am so hoping the Greenleaf Cheltenham Front Opening Dollhouse will be available again some day.  I know this site will be a big help with so many miniaturists sharing their knowledge of this wonderful hobby.