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  1. Me again!  SO. I've finally created all my custom wallpaper and printed them all out. I also have started cutting down and staining all my individual coffee stirrers for my flooring.  My question is this: for the Fairfield, since the layout is so complex, I can't figure out if it would be better to lay the flooring down before I put up the walls, or to wallpaper and assemble the walls before I install the flooring? I know everyone says it is preference, and that if you dry fit, you'll be able to see tricky spots before you do it, and decide that way...but for me, the whole thing seems tricky hahaha. Also, I am not wiring for lighting, so that component doesn't matter either.  Is there a benefit to doing wall assembly first vs. floor first or vice versa? I am going to paper the walls before I install them in either case, if that makes a difference.  Thanks friends! 
  2. Black Friday Deals?

    Thank you so much!! I really appreciate this! I just signed up for the mailing list, so hopefully I'll be in the loop in the future!
  3. Black Friday Deals?

    Aw this code is expired. Thank you for trying though!
  4. Black Friday Deals?

    Thank you! I'm on the email list, but I didn't know there was a regular mailing list as well.
  5. Black Friday Deals?

    Thank you so much!! Ordering now! ❤️
  6. Black Friday Deals?

    Well, that's something at least!
  7. Black Friday Deals?

    Does anyone happen to know if any of the miniature sites like Miniatures.com ever do Black Friday sales? I need to order quite a few things, but I'd hate to order them now and then find out I could get them cheaper in a few weeks. 
  8. Fairfield wiring

    Can I ask where you found battery lights small enough for the Fairfield? I've been searching, as I have no interest in trying to electrify mine, but feel like having no lights at all will be disappointing, an seem to only be able to find battery lights in 1:12 scale. 
  9. The Spooky Fairfield Endeavor

    Thank you so much! That helps a lot! The 1/4" looks just like what I was picturing in my head! 
  10. The Spooky Fairfield Endeavor

    Perfect! Thank you so much!
  11. The Spooky Fairfield Endeavor

    Since I don't have anywhere to go to look at these things in person, can anyone suggest a thickness of wood/square dowel that would be an appropriate size for ceiling beams in 1/2 scale? 
  12. Refinishing 1:24 scale furniture

    Right? I spend every spare minute of my time now researching, or browsing, or watching videos, or asking questions, or planning, or freaking out about what to do haha. Have you had any issues with it dissolving the glue in your experience?
  13. Refinishing 1:24 scale furniture

    Hahaha I feel like I'm going to need therapy BECAUSE of this hobby with how much it's stressing me out lol.  I do have some CitraStrip gel. I wonder if that would work. 
  14. Refinishing 1:24 scale furniture

    Ugh, I didn't even think about the carving details. Good point.
  15. Refinishing 1:24 scale furniture

    So, I've found a source for a bunch of 1:24 scale furniture for a decent price, but the problem is, I don't love the finishes. Originally I was thinking I would just paint them all so it wouldn't matter, but because they are hand-carved wood, I'm now thinking it would be nicer to stain them all. Is there any way to do this without destroying them? I mean, half scale is so tiny, is it even possible to sand the current paint/stain off of them in the first place?  I don't want to buy them unless I know I can refinish them, because it's an investment of over $400 (oof this is a pricey hobby!)  Thanks all! <3