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  1. So glad to find this thread since I’ve wondered if other miniaturists use a Maker. As a scrapbooker, I’ve owned various Cricut machines since they first came out. I wasn’t excited about learning to use Cricut Design Space, but it was easy to learn & I absolutely love using it! Just a few days ago I told my hubby that I’d like to upgrade to the Maker now that I’m doing mini’s! We’re going to keep an eye out for the best Black Friday deal next month! 
  2. Front of house almost done!

    From the album Rehab of Mom’s VH600

    Exterior painting done & railings have been repaired. Waiting to glue a few railing sections until all doors & windows have been put back.
  3. IMG_0033.jpg

  4. Updated Window

    Yes, when my Mom built it in the 70’s she upgraded all the windows, doors, and railings. 
  5. Fridge surround

    Looks amazing! I love the farmhouse sink too. Did you make it? If so, how did you go about it? I’m just about to start making one myself.
  6. Updated Window

    From the album Rehab of Mom’s VH600

    This window had us stumped for a bit. My Mom had a plastic “stained glass” piece in it & my Dad modified the window opening & built the window to fit. I found some mullions & made the insert to fit. We like it much better! 
  7. First Mini show in Seattle

    Thanks so much for the great info! I will definitely take pictures of what I can! Writing on the back of business cards is a great ideas! It will be interesting to see what we come home with! I will post pics. Counting down the days! 
  8. My daughter & I are meeting my Mom in Seattle next weekend for the Seattle Miniature Show. It will be our first mini show! We’re excited, but definitely rookies! Any recommendations on what to bring, booths/tables not to miss, or maybe what NOT to look for?  All suggestions welcome!  Thanks in advance!
  9. Traditional tile.jpeg

    These are beautiful tiles! However, maybe a bit too busy in this kitchen? I like the darker options you tried. I love watching your progress! It inspires me, as I have an SF557 waiting in its box to be built!  
  10. Rosedawn Plantation wiring diagram

    I have never wired before either, but just finished tape wiring using Creatve Reproductions 2 scale. I bought their kit that came with everything needed & watched the video that was noted by Sable. I watched it several times before starting. I was surprised by how fast it went. I was also pleasantly surprised that each connection worked when tested!  
  11. Spray Painting Roof Tiles

    Those look amazing! Can’t wait to the pic with the roof all in place!
  12. window frames

    Very elegant house! I like the color of the roof! May I ask how you went about painting the roof?
  13. Exterior siding all painted!

    From the album Rehab of Mom’s VH600

    Painting done. Now on to the railings 
  14. 1B31B14C-3C64-4437-9A49-65BAD1CB5A60.jpeg

    From the album Rehab of Mom’s VH600

    New paint for this Victorian farmhouse!