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  1. Traditional tile.jpeg

    These are beautiful tiles! However, maybe a bit too busy in this kitchen? I like the darker options you tried. I love watching your progress! It inspires me, as I have an SF557 waiting in its box to be built!  
  2. Rosedawn Plantation wiring diagram

    I have never wired before either, but just finished tape wiring using Creatve Reproductions 2 scale. I bought their kit that came with everything needed & watched the video that was noted by Sable. I watched it several times before starting. I was surprised by how fast it went. I was also pleasantly surprised that each connection worked when tested!  
  3. Spray Painting Roof Tiles

    Those look amazing! Can’t wait to the pic with the roof all in place!
  4. window frames

    Very elegant house! I like the color of the roof! May I ask how you went about painting the roof?
  5. Exterior siding all painted!

    From the album Rehab of Mom’s VH600

    Painting done. Now on to the railings 
  6. 1B31B14C-3C64-4437-9A49-65BAD1CB5A60.jpeg

    From the album Rehab of Mom’s VH600

    New paint for this Victorian farmhouse!
  7. Before...front

    From the album Rehab of Mom’s VH600

    Starting rehab...forgot to take a good “before” pic of front..this is the best we have! 
  8. Repaing Railings on Vh600

    Thank you Emily! I appreciate the cut-down pin tip! Your railings look great & sturdy! These spindles have been the one thing always needing repair since my Mom built this house! She upgraded the spindles from what was in the kit. They look nice, but are very delicate! I’m amazed none were lost! Spending the extra time & effort now seems worth it so I don’t have to keep repairing broken spindles in the future.
  9. Repaing Railings on Vh600

    Thank you for the help! The pieces are painted, but there is raw wood where they were glued previously. Some spindles are firmly in place, so adding the missing spindles is what seems tricky because they don’t seem tall enough to stay in well.  Do I make a tiny shim? There are sections where several spindles are missing & it’s no longer attached to the house at all. My husband says to take that section totally apart & rebuild it, since I can lay it flat. I guess sometimes you have to disassemble in order to properly reassemble?
  10. Repaing Railings on Vh600

    My daughter & I are newbies rehabbing a vh600 Victorian & I’m a little stumped on how to repair the porch railings. Some are perfectly glued in place, some are just missing a few spindles and others are completely in pieces! Fortunately, I have all the pieces. I understand how to rebuild the pieces, but what is the best way to glue in a missing spindle? How do you get glue into such a tiny space without disturbing the neighboring spindles? And how do you hold something so delicate together while it dries?
  11. Sewing machine close-up

    Love the detail of the pin cushion, thimble, and sewing needles!
  12. 50s style travel trailer by Little Habitats

    So very cute!  
  13. Hello everyone! I’ve enjoyed reading the posts here and have been meaning to say hello!  My daughter & I are renovating a Dura Craft VH600 that my mother built over 35 years ago. I remember when she opened the huge box full of thousands of pieces of wood! She said looking at all those pieces was so overwhelming that she almost changed her mind & wanted to take it back to the store! My Dad made her a work table and she plugged away at it for years. She wired it, wallpapered it and laid wood flooring in the largest room. She painted it yellow & it was a permanent fixture in our home. Of course, my 3 brothers & I were rarely allowed to play with it after all the hard work she had put into it. My Dad had quickly restored my Mom’s childhood dollhouse for me to play with, but it paled in comparison to what she was building! When our family moved, my Mom’s best friend offered to keep the house for a while. Eventually, I got married & moved away and so did my 3 brothers. Now that there was extra room, the house was returned to my Mom. Enter Grandchildren....those delicate railings on the dollhouse didn’t stand a chance! My daughter is 13 now and has always loved all things miniature. My Mom has wanted to give her the dollhouse for years, but we just didn’t have room. Now we do, so in October it was delivered by my parents, along with several boxes of miscellaneous building pieces, old copper wiring tape and tons of furniture & miniatures! At first I wasn’t sure about this project, but I have totally fallen in love! And it is a bonding time with my daughter that doesn’t involve a screen in front of her face! ;) We have removed the old yellowed wallpaper, the old wiring, and the curling wood flooring. Currently, we are painting the exterior. I will post pics when I’m allowed. My Mom, daughter & I plan to attend the Seattle Minature show in March... 3 generations of miniaturists!