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  1. Voodoo Priestess Doll

    Thank you so much!
  2. What I did last weekend!

    Thank you so much for looking!  She was very very fun to make.
  3. What I did last weekend!

    I think I finally got her uploaded....
  4. Voodoo Priestess Doll

    I entered a witch contest with 3 categories, prettiest, distressed fabrics and one other...I used distressed fabrics and created this.   Shelly N
  5. What I did last weekend!

    Would like to show all of you my newest doll!  She is 1:12 scale, but it seems I can't get my photo small enough? 
  6. For the 8th year!  The Online show is:  November 1st - 5th, you can find it here opening to the Public in 30 minutes!
  7. Needlepoint rug

    Will try to do better!  No flowers lately but some 3d printing...
  8. Needlepoint rug

    Holly I check the forum...I will be better!  
  9. Just sent you a pm


  10. Needlepoint rug

    Is it still available? Shelly Norris
  11. Cold porcelain recipe?

    I had used Cynthia's recipe quite a few years ago and it worked fine for me.  
  12. Cold porcelain recipe?

    Cynthia Howe has one but there are several on the internet, some cooked and some not cooked!  
  13. Dollhouse Kit of the Month

    If you would like to know more please contact me privately.  I have been banned from sales etc from this forum with cause so I can not openly talk about it here.  But it is not a dollhouse kit per month it is a dollhouse miniature kit
  14. Do it yourself projects

    I think that you should use straight pins when you glue the cardboard together.  Then use a coat of glue on all areas BEFORE using the paper mache.  I am saying this because of warpage... She'll N
  15. Micro Tudor

    Awesome, that would be fantastic.  Maybe we could have a small group Tudor build?