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  1. Gig, how are your had mentioned one was bak in the hospital and that was the last we heard.  Prayers all is well.

  2. I am working on the second floor staircase of the beacon hill.  The instructions say the three pieces for the bottom of the staircase are on sheet 15 however I can't find it.  Anyone have this issue that can help.   Also prayers for one of the triplets.  8 weeks old and back in the hospital. 

  3. My sons gave me the Becon Hill kit for Christmas.   The other two houses I built were small so I can safely say, wow, I am a bit overwhelmed by the size of this one.  I'm trying to take it slowly by reading everything.   Any suggestions out there to help. 

    1. Qubanqtee

      Hi!  Well Congratulations!  I, myself have not built that house but there's quite a few members here who have.  You'll find the to be very helpful in working around that feeling of being overwhelmed.  I'm sure you'll do great! Oh and congratulations on being Gigito Triplets!

  4. New Grandmother (Gigi)

    Hello Everyone from Charlotte, NC.  I am a new Gigi to triplet girls and decided to start now on a dream dollhouse for my three Angel's.  I've chosen the Becon Hill and I'm a little overwhelmed.   I've done two small houses for my nieces and enjoyed the process even if they weren't perfect.   I'm really looking forward to reading all of the forums for help.