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  1. 0110190826.jpg

    From the album TamaraLynn

  2. Flooring Question

    Getting ready to poly floors and stairway today! Thank you everyone for your help. I am incredible slow with progress (due to health issues) but I'm so happy with what I'm seeing. I Will share pictures when I'm done.
  3. Thresholds

    Thank you! This is great with having text and photos.....definitely my learning style.
  4. Thresholds

    I have noticed that some of my floors are thicker than others. What have you done with the thresholds when the 2 varying heights meet?  Specifically, I am working on the foyer in my Beacon Hill. That floor will be thicker than what I'm using in the room to the left (kitchen). I will end up sanding the bottom of the door....but that project is for another day. I am looking for a smooth transition from one room into another. Any ideas?
  5. Hey, wait! Daddy's not done building yet, sweetheart.

    This is a beautiful photo! The memories you both will have with this build. It is stunning
  6. Beacon Hill - risers and treads

    And if you mix them up....No biggie. There is almost always a fix. I didn't like how much the treads hung out past the risers, so I sanding them with my Dremel. I had glued them on first and decided I didn't like the look. After they dried I sanded and stained the edges again. 
  7. Starting a Beacon Hill

    I am also on the stairway for Beacon Hill. I am using mahagony stain and a satin poly. I stained 2 coats...haven't added the poly yet because I'm still adding more details/trims to dress it up more. I had to recut one piece because I didn't like how the "wrong" side looked stained....it is the first floor rail section that is near the front door. It was cut out with the smoother side facing toward the stairs rather than out where more people would see it. I don't know if this makes any sense. Lol  Tamara
  8. Flooring Question

    She is definitely talking to me.....I can see somethings right now....but it isn't a fully clear picture. Haha. I'm enjoying the process and not letting myself get impatient. 
  9. Flooring Question

    I'm so impressed with the talent and ideas I have found in this group! My focus is on the stairway and foyer in the Beacon Hill house.  I have my flooring stained....and I'm trying to decide on the lighting. I am struggling with having to have a plan so early in the build! I'm not sure what will happen in each room. Lol I barely have a grasp on the foyer. I will start sharing photos when I get just a bit further along.
  10. Flooring Question

    This floor is stunning. So many ideas, not enough time. Lol I think I will do some testing to see what my Beacon Hill wants. I can see this is going to be addicting!
  11. Flooring Question

    Definitely a lot of sanding to do but I love the results! I'm trying to get my ducks in a row as I work on the staircase for my Beacon Hill. I am looking for just the right wallpaper now.   It is truly a lesson in patience....to not get ahead of myself.  TamaraLynn
  12. Flooring Question

    Great ideas everyone! I am using narrow strips for my floors and I have my stain....I had wondered about staining them first, or is it easier to do it after it is laid? I have to pick up the polyurethane yet. I also discussed it with hubby who is a contractor. It's nice to have his input too. I think I have the other supplies already. Does anyone use a Finishing Paste Wax?  Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas!
  13. What a great idea.  Thanks for sharing!
  14. Flooring Question

    I am trying to gather the supplies I need for my next step....I see so many beautiful wood floors with a shin, what do I use to bring out the shine in the stained flooring.  :-) I know I saw it several times as I was reading here and looking in the gallery, but now that I am ready to get the supplies - of course I can't find the info.   Thanks! TamaraLynn
  15. Tiny Houses, No, Really

    I'm also a tiny house inhabitant. My husband, nephew and I live in 600 sq.ft.....and I just started my first dollhouse build. Eventually I will have our shed rehabbed for my studio, until then I do my best to keep things cleaned and organized. It's a good thing that I lean toward minimalism (although this dollhouse really isn't minimal) lol.