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  1. Help IDing a unique piece!

    They are incredibly tiny! I acquired a huge lot of them, and because they're so small most don't like standing. I turned most of them into keychains as favours at my wedding, but the foal sized ones ended up fitting in the display case. I was so proud of myself. lol   Those leather horses are so cool! But I promised my husband and myself that I would only limit myself to Breyers. Otherwise, I think we'd be overrun! lol
  2. Hello from a newb in Canada!

    I looked at the pictures and I adore your caravan! It is so beautifully done!  McQueenie is out of stock at the moment, but I am so tempted to get one some day and try my hand at making one myself!  Here is a picture of the caravan I found, with my new and more realistic model horse in between the shafts. I posted an entire thread about it elsewhere. I am painting the brown horse next to it to look like a Gypsy Vanner horse. ^_^
  3. I love to collect things. But I have given myself parameters so I don't collect "all the things".  I collect: Breyer model horses Shells Spock dolls 101 Dalmatians merchandise Pogs (remember the 90s?? lol) Stephen King novels, hardcover I have other smaller collections, but those are the ones that I really enjoy looking for and taking care of. 
  4. Help IDing a unique piece!

    Hello everyone,  A few months back, I scored a vintage miniature caravan through a used website, at what I thought was a steal: thirty dollars.  A bit of background information: I am not a dollhouse person (for now anyway lol), but I am a collector of scale size model horses. I collect 1:9 scale Breyer models, and I am always on the hunt for them. When I saw this caravan, it had a vintage model horse attached to it. Even through all of the horrible things someone had done to this horse, I was 75% sure it was a Breyer, or a knock off. So I went and picked up the caravan because of that reason (and the price). I was able to confirm that before it was given a new (horrible) paint job and mohair mane and tail that the horse had indeed once been a vintage model Breyer, made sometime between 1951 and the mid 1970s.  So I THINK the caravan is from the 1970s, but I'm not sure. I originally thought it was homemade, but upon doing a google search (miniature gypsy wagon) I have found two others that people have tried to sell (both in the UK and in the US), both claiming to be homemade, and both not giving any real information. So I'm pretty sure the caravan is not homemade. I don't think the horse came with it, as I have never seen anything close to what was done on the webpages dedicated to model horses. So I also don't think the furniture inside came with it either.  What I'm trying to do is figure out how old this caravan is, and from what company. Perhaps even its worth. The two I found for sale were both asking 100 dollars, one totally empty, the other full of gypsy miniatures, and a broken shaft and missing wheel. A bit more info: On the outside, it fits a 1:9 scale model horse perfectly. That is what it came with, and that is what looks right in between the shafts. I also have a 7.5inch doll that looks perfect on the bench (and looks so great sitting on the new horse lol) But on the inside, it really only fits 1:12 size furniture.  Here is what it looked like when I first got it: I also believe that the furniture and carpet on the inside were added at a later date. I do believe the curtains came with it, as the two I have found online also had them.    I have since removed the furniture, ripped out the carpet and curtains, and I am planning on carpeting and wallpapering it before adding new curtains. I have also purchased new and much nicer furniture.    I also removed that poor horse from the harness, and added one of my model horses. Because I needed it to be perfect. ^_^ I admit, after finding this thing, I sort of just jumped right in to the idea of miniatures. I LOVE the furniture so much. I even bought a 1:12 scale display case and put Breyer Mini Whinnies (1:64 scale) in it, so it reflects what I would furnish a caravan with in real life. lol
  5. Hello everyone,  I am not only new to this forum but absolutely new to dollhouses as well. I am actually more of a model horse collector, but my collecting has led me to acquiring a miniature caravan (somewhere between 1:12 and 1:9 in scale), and I discovered how much I actually love the idea of decorating and furnishing it and thought perhaps I could discuss with other people, and learn as I go along.  I also am trying to find out where my caravan came from, and when it was made. At first I thought it was homemade, but I have seen two other instances online of the caravan being sold. I will read the FAQs and figure out which board to post that query in though. ^_^ Anywho, I'm from Canada, and started off this adventure collecting traditional size (1:9) Breyer model horses. I also am a photographer, a hobby bird watcher, and a model painter. Basically, I just have a bunch of hobbies that somehow tie in really well together. ^_^