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  1. Hello Newbie Here...

    Practicing making tile flooring yesterday I cut before work. Today I bake and start sanding before work. Pattern of clay isn't the best. But I was more testing the pattern against my new work surface.
  2. I actually started practice making items from wood, clay and oh...things... Working on my first set of floor tiles. Not the best pattern but... Meh... learning the cut out pattern for now. They are going in to bake now. Then sanding. Then playing with patterns out of what I have. What I dont use I seal and my grandkids LOVE. The 6 yo is passionate about miniatures her whole little life.
  3. Hello Newbie Here...

    Thank you. This is so exciting...!!!
  4. Hello Newbie Here...

    That's awesome info. I am right between both Allentown (Lehigh Valley) and Philly. So close to both. But far enough away I never visit. I'm originally from the Lehigh Valley. :)
  5. Hello Newbie Here...

    Thank you. Plenty to do and plenty of time. Just can't stop. I am a lifelong tinkerer. ;)
  6. Hello Newbie Here...

    Yes, 19446 is my zip code. I will look into these getting started posts. Thank you. 1. Stanley box cutter and new blades 2. Sanding paper & sanding block      *** ? What grit sandpaper? 3. A butt-ton el cheapo emery boards. 4. Blue Painters tape 5. Carpenters wood glue      *** ? any specific brand or just something from Lowe's? All noted! Thank you  
  7. Wish I would of seen this sooner. I live right outside Philly.
  8. How does one get a image to post via their phone? All come in to large even at the smallest setting on my phone.


    1. Lorieann

      Broken down quite a bit from the original

       :/ I have no idea the distortion to my teeth. :/ 

    2. Mid-life madness

      Use http://www.picresize.com/

      Make sure you save the resized picture to your phone. I usually post from a desk top, so it may not work on a phone.

    3. Sable

      From your phone email it to yourself, when asked what size pick the 500kb range. Open email, save photo to phone, post it to a post or your gallery after you’ve made five posts.

  9. Hello Everyone, My name is Lorieann and I figured I would sign up and introduce myself. I am a mom of 5 (took in 3 I have that much love to share). My kids are almost grown last two go off to college next year. I'm a gram of 5. All these kids and on the newest is a boy... wooph... I just purchased the Greenleaf Beacon Hill. Super new to this but always a looker. I just never looked as far as... paints glues etc. I would love it if you guess could send me your most prized suggestions as a newbie who isnt just a looker anymore. I'd love to also see if there are any miniture groups local to me if possible. I cant find anything... but I know they are out there and I would LOVE to meet up. 19446 I am guessing paint, glue, sandpaper selection and newbie tips is what I need most/first. Ordered it today and it will be here in TWO DAYS!!! I'm so excited. ♡♡♡ Lorieann #AllThingsLorieann