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  1. Hello from central Arkansas

    @Havanaholly.... I’m a transplant from Wichita Falls, Texas. I live in Cabot (Central, AR since 1998. 
  2. Stone texture paint on wooden shingles?

    Love the colors you used. On shingles & house!  
  3. As you go....

    Opinions, please. I’m on my very first house. (Garfield). Do most of you lay floor, paint & wallpaper etc as you build or after it’s finished?   Thanks! 
  4. Your floors are so shiny and beautiful! Are they vinyl?  Where’d you get them from?  I’m on my first build. At the very beginning. 

    1. Qubanqtee

      Hi Stephanie! The first floor is actually little individual tiles that I purchased on eBay from a wonderful seller - you can mix and match any colors you want on his site and design your own floor! I will look up his info and pm it to you if you’d like 

    2. Qubanqtee

      Here's a link to the seller I purchased from on'll se he has quite a selection available~ Great customer service too~

  5. The 1 inch craft sticks you used for flooring. They were already squared?  Or are they popsicle sticks?  Where’d you get the craft sticks. And did you glue them to something first or put in piece by piece in the dollhouse. Its really pretty. Much better than paper or vinyl flooring. I’m working on Greenleafs “Garfield”. 1:12.   

    And was stain water or oil based?



    1. StephanieC

      I see on another picture it’s Zar oil-based. Now wondering about the sticks you used. :-)

    2. Bluestocking

      I got them at Jo-Ann's.  I cut the rounded ends off, and cut most of them to different lengths to fit.  They are glued to a thin piece of plywood, a couple of rows at a time -- I thought I could do them all at once, but quickly found it was easier to do a few rows.

      The stain is oil-based, but only because I wanted to use a linseed/beeswax finish I already have!  I had heard different opinions about whether you can use a water-based stain under a linseed oil finish, and didn't want to risk it.

      I wrote more about the floor here --

    3. Bluestocking

      "Simply Art"  Jumbo Craft Sticks --


  6. Just checking in to say hi!  I started my dream dollhouse this week. The Garfield. A huge task. I found this group and have already gotten a lot of great information. I’m glad I found this community. Will be helpful. 
  7. I just started my house this week. I have a 40” square table to build on... though my house will be almost 42” when finished. I was going to build it in my bedroom and then realized that once it was built I would not be able to get it out of my bedroom! So I’m building it in my living room. Havanaholly warned me not to use hot glue. Thankful because I was.   Instructions aren’t the best. (I’m building the Garfield kit) Definitely label everything before you punch the pieces out. I’m also taking the advice of others and will be painting before building (like staircase) and putting in flooring & wallpaper, etc. will be very hard once built.   Best of luck. :-)
  8. Garfield needing repair

     I just started this kit. It is massive, indeed. I got it brand new from a lady in Tennessee who is going to build it with her four year old and when she open the box decided against it. LOL I got a great deal off of Facebook marketplace. She also had a box full of shingles and siding. Got it all for $67!    I had to drive to an a half hours to pick it up but it was definitely well worth it as I am estimating the value of it all of about $400. I wish you the best of luck. I believe this is going to be a fun addiction for me.  Thankfully I saw a post that said not to use hot glue. Even though that’s what green leaves instructions say. I am off today to get tight bond or pro bond.
  9. Quarter scale miniatures

    I could definitely see how this hobby could become soooo addictive. It’s slways been a dream to build one. Started this week with the Garfield. The little trunk is adorable!