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  1. Marie Antoinette theme/Versailles

    Oh my goodness that dollhouse??!!!! Is crazy amazing.
  2. Hi from Australia

    I’m also interested in everyone’s views as to whether to choose wired or battery lighting? 
  3. Hi from Australia

    Thank you! I just had a look at some mat board and it seems perfect. (I’m not a big cereal eater so I don’t have any of those boxes to hand!) 
  4. Hi from Australia

    Hi @shannonc60 Thanks for the recommendations about Australian sources for miniature supplies. There are so many lovely things for sale on USA websites, but I have already blown the budget just getting my dollhouse kit sent here, so I will probably need to find things locally.  I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for materials for making your own weatherboard / clapboard siding? Would cutting basswood into strips work okay?   
  5. Hi from Australia

    Hi my name is Jillian. I'm from Australia. I'm just about to start on my first proper large house (I've only ever done tiny little 1:100 kits like these before: https://www.littlebuildingco.com/shop/?category=Australian+Series I have ordered the laser cut Diana in 1:12 full scale so very excited to get started when it arrives.  A quick question while I'm here - does anyone have recommendations for lighting kits that would plug into Australian power?  Cheers.