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  1. Beacon Hill Front Porch Roof

    The porch trim assembly was put together using Titebond II Premium. A mixture of equal amounts of water, vinegar, and acetone dissolved the glue without damaging the wood.. Just put a little bit along the joint. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, and then scrape the glue with a very thin object like one of those screwdrivers used to tighten the screws in a pair of eyeglasses, and gently pull the soffit out of the assembly.
  2. Beacon Hill Front Porch Roof

    OK. Thank you Shannon60 and Havanaholly. I had the gap because I didn't follow the directions, which say, "Tip Trim B [the soffit] up, between arms of assembly, align flush with LOWER edge of main beam section. (G). I had goofed and glued it to the upper edge. After it is glued properly it should look like this (more or less):
  3. Beacon Hill Porch Posts

    The link is no longer working.
  4. Beacon Hill Front Porch Roof

    Evy, Did you ever figure out the roof problem? I now have the same trouble. I've read the directions carefully, several times, but can't figure it out.  Is the roof to be tilted down to the trim assembly? Thanks, Robert