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  1. Hi

    Hi everyone!  My name is Kim and I'm a relative newbie to dollhouses.  I always wanted one growing up, but it was never to be when I was a child.  I finally got my first house in November 2017.  I bought an already built Alison, Jr. from a lady.  It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do with the exterior, but my husband and I finished renovating the outside this past December. When I decide what I want the inside to look like, I'll begin working on it.  My dream house is a Victorian with a turret and I have my eye on a Garfield right now.  I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!  
  2. Rehabbing a Garfield

    Havanaholly, I will head over the the Newcomers' Forum!  I had wondered if I could take it apart to work on it.  According to what she told me, it was put together with wood glue and hot glue.  However, I don't which parts were hot glued.  Not all of the roof has been shingled, so I'm hoping that's the part that was hot glued.  If wood glue was used on the house, is there an easy way to break it down into sections without damaging the wood?  If I do buy it, what should I do first?  I don't even know where to begin! I had to smile at your comment about crying at the paint job.  This whole house is just crying for someone to renovate it. 
  3. Rehabbing a Garfield

    Thank you so much for the link Sable!  I will definitely bookmark it for reference. 
  4. Rehabbing a Garfield

    HI everyone, this is my first time posting.  I'm debating purchasing a Garfield from a lady who has one for sale.  From the pictures she has sent to me, it looks like there is a lot of work that needs to be done on the house - inside and outside.  The outside doesn't bother me - what concerns me is rehabbing the inside of the house.  From looking at the photos, it looks like there are rooms behind rooms in the house.  How do you get to these rooms to work on them?  I've never wired a house, but want to wire this one if I buy it.  I also would like to wallpaper and put in new flooring.  Is there easy access to these "hidden" rooms" in order to be able to work on them?  I've never built a house before, so I'm not sure how difficult it would be to work on this one to make it beautiful.  Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!