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  1. To be honest, i never really liked glue guns... i got the first piece sanded and it fit fine. Now to work on the other tonight when i get home. Unfortunately the project manager turned up.   
  2. Thank you everyone. I was surprised to find I had emery boards in the bathroom - who knew. Instead of getting ready for work I am sanding down the pieces to make them fit. I really need to stop though. I also ordered some Aleene's Tacky glue from Amazon this morning. As it is going to rain all weekend - I am waiting on the first storm of the day to pass so I can get on my bike and head off to work - I decided I didn't feel like bicycling over to Joann's to get some. I will have it Friday and be able to start gluing after I put the primer on the inside. Of course it is a busy weekend and I won't have as much time to play as I would like.
  3. Are laser cut kits worth the extra dollars?

    I decided for my first ever house to use a laser kit a 1:24 Buttercup. I have made other things using diecut material and I will admit the laser is really nice. I do wish they had all of the houses in laser although I suspect they will get there.
  4. I wondered about hot glue although that’s what it says to use. The tabs align but the piece doesn’t want to fit flush in the corner where it meets the front wall. It’s as if there should be a gap in that corner after the front wall is installed so the porch pieces would slide in. The whole piece is actually too wide for the space by the measurement of the thickness of the wood. 
  5. This is my first ever build - I just got the laser cut half size Buttercup yesterday. I thought I would try a dry build of the first part to make sure I understood how the first pieces went together. And I still have to figure out where my hot glue gun is. The side pieces to the front porch don't fit. So far the other pieces are fine but neither side of the the porch does. Has any one else had this issue? The tabs along the sides line up but it's not matching at the top and bottom floor. I hope the pictures are clear.    
  6. New to making

    I am glad to know that people like the smaller scale Buttercup. It arrived today - that was quick - but i have a lot of decisions to make this week before i start. I think this one i will paint so i need to decide on colors. I am anxious to get started.  Thank you all for the welcome!
  7. 11/03/05 Where Are You??

    I am in Louisville Kentucky and getting ready to start my first house.
  8. New to making

    I just wanted to say hello. I just ordered my first doll house kit and want to make a couple for me. My mother was very into miniatures back in the 70s but when she died young I gave away everything. Now I want to do a couple although I really don't need another hobby. It's been that long since I even helped her. I decided to start small and got the half size Buttercup - actually I didn't realize it was half size but in the end I think it is a good place to start to see if I like it. I figure I can always sell the small one prior to building a bigger one. My goal is to do the Orchid. I am hoping that all will go well. I will peruse the forums for tips. It's been far too long and I am really a complete beginner now.