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  1. Thank you jbnmini and Mid-life madness. I'm in transit to Victoria BC and sitting in the Calgary airport for an hour layover. (from Toronto) I couldn't wait to get my computer open to see if there were any messages and there you are!  I'll be back home in about 3 weeks and start on the house then. Thank you for your offers and suggestions.  Very best, Rosemary
  2. I really love the idea of texturing the surface. I like working with that stuff and think it will do the trick to cover all the notches and gaps.

    I'll focus on this when I return. Way behind in packing for my trip to the west coast tomorrow!



  3. Thanks for your suggestions Kathie. I'm off to pack for my trip tomorrow - I've been studying dollhouse stuff all day and so very behind. 

    Very best,


    1. KathieB

      Where are you off to? I'm heading to Amsterdam in a week. :) 

    2. Jazz

      I'm flying to the west coast for a social media conference. (work related - I write marketing stuff) There are friends and family there, and some awesome seafood so I'm making a vacation of it. Haven't been anywhere in a while re knee replacement surgery in 2018 so I'm looking forward to some whale watching and warm weather. Ontario = cold,  Victoria BC = much nicer!


    3. KathieB

      Nice. :) Enjoy!

  4. I know what you mean. I was just "dusting" it and tugging gently at wobbly bits. and trying to envision cutting the siding to fit the curves! The loose outside pieces that came off in my hands (the awning sections and the railings) I've tucked away carefully for later repair. I will repaint for sure but rethink the siding. Inside, the light system tapes are in need of something - they are loose and hanging, the tape is dried and curled, and there's no main plug attached to a cord where it is supposed to be, so I can't test them. I do have a new system that I was planning to use for the Westville so if this one doesn't work I'll install the new one. The house is large but I don't like the way the stairs look or where they are located. They are installed tightly so not sure if I can remove them and renovate with slender carved posts and a fancy Newell. And lighter paint.  I think the area will look more open if I do that although it does resemble the entrance to the Prince of Whales Hotel in Niagara on the Lake. The wallpaper that is there looks okay but has some loose bits, so it's coming out too! The rest of the structure, especially the foundation, is solid and holding well. Lot's to think about. And lots of work to do! Thanks for your response.  
  5. Thank you jbmini, One more question - I'm reading about people adding rooms onto the kits, but I don't see any examples or tutorials. Do you have any suggestions?      
  6. Lol! Thanks!  Coincidentally I was looking at your name as the result of a search, just as your comment popped up. Now that I'm here, I'll just ask: Is there a way to add a section to the Pierce?  have a Serendipity Shed that would make a terrific sunroom/conservatory. Also, I need a pattern to replace a missing piece of the  Pierce just above the second story bay window. Thoughts?  Images are in my introduction posted today. Thanks for the welcome. Rosemary
  7. Hi,  I've been reading this forum's content as an unregistered researcher since February when I first experienced a personal surge of interest in miniatures.  This came about as a result of an online auction purchase of an (unseen) Greenleaf Westville Cottage Kit. Still boxed, and I guess vintage (circa 1990) I won the bidding, got it home and peeked inside at the shocking sight of an unassembled dollhouse kit. Yikes. I knew enough not to remove it from the box until I learned what I was supposed to do with it. Quite a lot, it seems. It's mid-April and the kit is not built yet because I can't do the sanding it requires indoors, and of course, being Ontario it's still too cold to work outside. So I started learning how to furnish it, paint it, etc. while I'm waiting. I've been making tiny wooden shelves and boxes from scratch (oh and a fireplace) (learning about tools like miter boxes and saws, pin drills, blades and knives, clamps, and glues) and turned out a surprisingly realistic and fun-to-make array of polymer clay food, bowls, pots, and plates.  I also began to purchase new and inexpensive accessories including a tape electric light system and tiny lights - guess I don't need to say tiny anymore - and collect stuff from thrift shops, etc, to repurpose.  I bought a gazillion cedar roof tiles and some siding from The Little Dollhouse Company, here in Toronto, and a few other impractical but adorable little things. I'm semi-retired and other than my husband, my motorcycle, and my big standard poodle, I have few demands on my life. Part-time work is copywriting and editing. But it hasn't taken me long to realize that this miniature obsession is way more fun than copywriting. So here I am. Because now I have TWO Greenleaf Dollhouses. Yesterday I came home with an old, pre-loved, fully constructed Pierce dollhouse that needs some TLC. Our dining room table is its new home and we have to eat dinner at the coffee table now. (image below) It's wired and has lots of lights (chandeliers, sconces, lamps, and spares) and only cost $75 Canadian.  I forgot to mention, I also acquired a Serendipity Shed kit because, well every woman needs her own shed right? I can make it into a mini motorcycle workshop. I'm going to need lots of practical help, more money, and maybe some therapy! Very best, Rosemary   
  8. I hope someone in the group can help me. This house came fully assembled with lighting installed. It's old and has been well played with by a 16-year-old who has enjoyed it for 8 years. I have questions about repairing and refurbishing the house. I haven't done this kind of thing before but I am beyond excited to have this beautiful dollhouse. The house has been glued with wood glue (not hot glue) and the interior and exterior were primed. No flooring and a minimum of paper (one or two walls only) I'd like to put siding on. Can I install that around the already glued in window frames or must they be removed first? The second-floor bay window roof piece is missing (see image) If I had a pattern of the missing pieces I could make another out of thin bass or balsa wood. Does anyone have a pattern and instructions for making and installing the new piece? Any suggestions for rehab as per the attached photos are most welcome. Thanks! Rosemary  
  9. I'm thinking of rehabbing a Pierce (it will be my first dollhouse experience). It has been built but needs repair and finishing. Also needs siding. The Kiwi Pierce Build by Shareb looks helpful but I'm not able to pull up the images. Any suggestions on opening images, please?

    1. Shareb

      Hi Jazz, not sure how many people will see this as I think it's only on your page?  I came to look as I saw you'd started following me.  Here's the link to my Pierce gallery...hope it helps!  I haven't finished as I hate the exterior finish and intend to sand it all off and start again!  :D  http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=gallery&module=gallery&controller=browse&album=7053

      Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like!!  

    2. Sable

      FYI-Everyone sees this type of post.

    3. Shareb

      Thanks Sable - I've not seen these before....I don't think!