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  1. Work in Progress

    It's coming along beautifully. Great Job.
  2. Entrance to the kitchen

    Stunning. This Kitchen and your photo really drew my eyes in. Outstanding and very well done.  
  3. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Thanks everyone for the fantastic comments. Very appreciated. I did start a Gallery for it.  I fergets I run out of pic space doing a thread on it...(Blushing). ahahahaaa @ havanaholly. I'd love to hear your ideas on the windows. I kind of have the plan for them, but it always makes for a better build with ideas shared.   Thanks again for the likes and comments. More soon on construction and things in the next few days. I'm a busy busy busy guy till the upcoming weekend.  
  4. IMG_1673 (640x480).jpg

    From the album 2Bscale

  5. IMG_1680 (640x480).jpg

    From the album 2Bscale

  6. IMG_1678 (640x480).jpg

    From the album 2Bscale

  7. IMG_1677 (640x480).jpg

    From the album 2Bscale

  8. IMG_1674 (640x480).jpg

    From the album 2Bscale

  9. IMG_1672 (640x480).jpg

    From the album 2Bscale

  10. IMG_1666 (640x480).jpg

    From the album 2Bscale

  11. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Thanks for the views and encouragements every one. It will be a few days for another update. More soon though.
  12. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Bottom cabinets almost done, less details ….turning out something along these lines. keeping them simple.  
  13. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    Hi Holly. I used 1/8 Ply wood for my main structure flooring. I snuck into my wife's Fancy scrap book...for Paper looking flooring material.. ahahaha and wall paper stuff. (Big Grins)...sssshhhhhhh. Gorilla super gluer medium visc. For attaching all things together.  
  14. 1959 New Moon Single wide

    started the cabinets, Flooring and some wall paper haaaaaa I'm not as good at these things as all of you, But I'm having fun. Enjoy and thanks for looking.