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  1. You guys are awesome!  Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm excited to try some of them out!
  2. I have seen Quick Grip mentioned before and it sounded close to what I wanted.  I was just a little unsure because it seemed to list the fumes as being an irritant, but for all I know, the stuff I've been using also has irritating fumes and I just haven't realized it lol!  Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it out!  I think I can get it where I am.
  3. Hey, I'm on the hunt for a glue product that is as similar as possible to the clear glue provided in the Robotime brand kits.  It's crystal clear, extremely viscous and tacky, with the big downside I've found is that it's very stringy and almost too tacky and takes a bit of getting used to so you're not leaving threads of glue everywhere or leaving smears of it when overapplied.  It basically doesn't flow at all, leaves threads of glue everywhere when you pull away from your bead/line of glue, grabs items immediately, sets up soft and squishy very quickly, and eventually dries hard and crystal clear with a bond that can still be broken if needed (with some effort).  It smells pretty mild, easily dires and balls up when rubbed on skin, and I've found that it worked very well on every material the Robotime kit threw at me: metal, wood, paper, fabric, and plastics.  It is however not the easiest to clean up excess applications due to how viscous and tacky it is: it often leaves a smear behind when you try to wipe it up.  The best comparisons I can make is that it's like hot glue (especially the stringyness and texture) except cold, or like Aleene's clear tacky glue except much tackier/stringy and it sets up much faster. In the picture below, it's provided as the glue in the clear bottle on the right side in the top row. I tried one of those trial packs of Aleene's tacky glue that included original, quick grab, quick dry, and clear, and I was rather unimpressed by all of them.  I find them all to not be tacky enough and not set up quickly enough!  The quick grab seems to set up fairly quickly but also seems really weak when it begins to set, and takes much longer to harden?  And the clear tacky seems to have the most similar texture and viscosity that I'm used to, but still isn't tacky enough, and also sets up really weak and takes a long time to harden compared to what I'm used to?  I also had a lot of trouble using Aleene's on metal to metal application, it just didn't seem to work at all, or maybe I'm just not patient enough haha!  The upside is they're all much easier to apply; they don't leave threads and strings of glue everywhere and it's super easy to completely clean up excess glue with a wipe up and no residue.  But I'd much rather have something that grabs stronger, sets faster, and hardens faster, especially since I'm used to the application shortcomings of the Robotime glue. I'm sure I can get used to just using clear tacky and using super glue or something for mediums where Aleene's doesn't cut it, but I'd love to find something closer to what Robotime provides.  I've been all over Google and haven't had any luck yet! Can anybody provide some help on this?  Much appreciated!