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  1. Beacon Hill stair issues

    Kathy B,  Thank you.  That’s Awesome!!! Hanava Holly,  I’m sorry.  I almost posted them together but thought that it might be too much to put two questions in the same post.   well, I did take the stairs apart. As best I could.  Removed the parts with chewed marks and cut those parts out from pieces marked “discard” in the kit. whrn I pout them back together the fit was... well is not what I would wish for... it took me well more than a day to cut out the few pieces I needed to replace and they were all flat, no zizzags that have to be perfect, I’m not what you would call a mechanical wizard.  I guess it’s time to see if I can find something better than an excto knife an a dremel and dumb luck thank you for your time and patience with me. Austin’s mon 
  2. Beacon Hill stair issues

    Hi everyone.  I know the BH stairs questions must sound like and old broken record to some of the long time regulars on the forum, but I did a search and poked around and didn’t find the answer. So please forgive me as I ask again. i know the instructions say you can’t install the front exterior middle panel of the house (center 3 floors high) until the stairs are in place because you won’t be able to put in stairs.  I called Greenfeild and was told that yes if you put this front wall in place then it is impossible to put in the stairs.   The guy also said if you put in the stairs it makes it really hard to do anything else..wallpaper, electric...etc so he told me to plan ahead  which is hard if I don’t know  what I want to do yet. There must be a way around this.  Has anyone had luck putting the front panel on then the stairs after? any clues? thanks!
  3. Beacon Hill stair issues

    Hi everyone, I’ve been struggling with the Beacon Hill stairs. Problems with glue, dog thinking my stair assembly was a toy and managing to get to it.(when did he learn to fly.?????) Most of it was saved. I cut new parts from the discard cutouts.  But I’m not thrilled with my doggie enhanced stairs. Can I buy a ready made staircase that will fit? I saw a curving staircase on line  It would be worth it to me to buy it if it would fit to get past the frustration.  Has anyone tried something like this? Has it worked out? Thanks  Austin’s mom photo of stairs is attached
  4. New Member - Beacon Hill

    Hi guys, gals, I’m new here.  First day..first post..i got a Beacon Hill kit for my birthday last week.  I’m a bit more than a bit nervous to open the box and get started.  I’m truly excited to find this group to inspire me and to help me along this long and amazing, and it seems from somethings I’ve read, sometimes frustrating and difficult journey.