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  1. IMG-20180712-151134.jpg

    Previous owner had used the wrong piece for the floor bracing, so I saved what I could.  Which leads me to a question:  When a kit uses a 1/4" square for floor support/braces, how do you add crown moulding?  Cut it to fit over the 1/4"?  Build up pieces to disguise the square and make it look like moulding?
  2. FH505-interior.jpg

    I did move them and added a turn and landing so the "kitchen" could be bigger and the upper staircase would be in more of a hallway (I'm thinking a linen cupboard in that space).  I think I will also put a parlor/church door from the foyer into the living/dining room, and the middle room on the second floor may get a false wall to create a hallway there.
  3. IMG-20180712-151312.jpg

    I thought it would be a nice nod to the previous owner to leave the house the color he originally chose  
  4. FH505-interior.jpg

    From the album Dura-Craft FH505

  5. FH505_re_design.jpg

    From the album Dura-Craft FH505

  6. FH505_porch.jpg

    From the album Dura-Craft FH505

  7. FH505_exterior.jpg

    From the album Dura-Craft FH505

  8. FH505_chimney.jpg

    From the album Dura-Craft FH505

  9. DuraCraft Missing Pieces

    I have the Dura-Craft FH505.  The gentleman I bought it from had purchased new-style plastic windows, so I haven't used the wooden windows which came with the house kit.  I think they are all there still.
  10. How to Remove Excess Wallpaper

    Thanks -- this was something I wondered about!
  11. Red brick powder for making bricks.

    I have a bag of red brick powder which came with the Dura-Craft house I bought.  I didn't use it (made "stones" around the base with coffee trays instead).  My scale says it weighs 18.34 oz.  No labeling on it and top is folded over and stapled closed.
  12. Hello!  I took the plunge and joined your forum.  I live in Montana, USA.   I've been fascinated by miniatures since childhood, and remember writing to a miniatures store in the 80s to request a catalog in the mail--then pouring over the catalog and "shopping" and dreaming.  Fast forward through library books on miniatures, and the internet as it came into being and grew . . . Most recently, I have enjoyed looking at everyone's photos as they popped up in searches online--you all have so much creativity! Well, 20+ years of dreaming and I finally have a dollhouse!  Last year I found a DuraCraft FH505 (the same model I had wanted as a child! No kidding!), which I purchased from a fellow who had started the house, but didn't want to finish it.  I work on it when I'm not busy with young children and hubby!