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  1. Hi Sue,

    Although Stokesay Ware is making only a select amount of items, they are selling older pieces, along with some newer pieces. Some of the Sovereign has already been sold. There are currently several pieces on there right now, but not from Karen. I want a dinner service so bad, but not the Sovereign!




    1. SueM

      Thanks for the heads up; I'll have a look. 

  2. Australian dropping in to find her mojo

    Why not browse the internet looking at dollhouse miniatures? That always fires my imagination and drive. 
  3. Searching for Stokesay Ware

    True. Dreamy and beautiful....;)
  4. Searching for Stokesay Ware

    Thanks Holly, but they're not filling orders for dinner services any longer. I'll definitely post an introduction :)
  5. Hi, I have finished decorating my dollhouse dining room and am looking for a full set of miniature dinner service bone china to complete the scene. Would particularly love Stokesay Ware "Sovereign Red" or gold "Jubilee" patterns. Hoping someone out there might have some they are willing to part with as queenannediva was in January this year. Would love to hear from anyone that could help. Thanks