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  1. Hi from the Russian River

    HI! i got the vermont farmhouse from real good far 5 months in...i had no idea but part was my procrastination over the electricity! i finally got it in and it worked...but did not like how it was done. met a woman at a local miniature shop and she enlightened me....her video was awesome and it was SO easy and neat....i had been so intimidated!!! 
  2. Hi from the Russian River

    Hi everyone! Almost done with my first house. It was a learning curve for sure! lots of camouflage required.  One will know when I am done ! Is it ever really “done”? Was a childhood dream  have a dollhouse like this. Have alwaybeen captivated with minis. I raise chickens and love making funky whimsical garden decor for my chicken palace in paradise. It’s different working on such a small scale now!