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  1. “Practice” House

  2. “Practice” House

    Hi All! I wanted to introduce myself. I’m finally diving into minis after 20+ years as an all-around crafter and textile artist. My grandmother made dozens of room boxes, and I’ve always loved them. She and my grandfather made me a 1:12 dollhouse in the 90’s that has been lovingly stored in  custom-built crate since I outgrew it, and my parents are going to bring it to my house next Christmas for my daughter to enjoy. I thought it would be nice to continue the family tradition and keep improving and upgrading it (I pined for real electricity in the thing when I was a girl), but didn’t want to make my newbie mistakes on a family heirloom. So. I recently acquired this 70’s “practice house” off of Facebook marketplace, and within two weeks had several Pinterest boards full of ideas and techniques and links. I haven’t gotten to do much work on it yet, because my daughter has been playing with it all day, every day since it arrived. We are having such fun diving into this together. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tips and stories, this seems like such a nice community!