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  1. You do realize it's your kit? Do what ever you want with it. The placement of the stairs was the first thing that confused me about the Orchid kit. They have the staircase going right up the wall with a window in the way. I think it's a poor design. My daughter bought the Orchid for her sister but dad got the job of building it. So after I assembled the walls with upper and lower floor I hated where the stairs were going to be. So I ended up completing removing the upper floor and using it as a stencil in order to cut a new piece. So as soon as I redesign the stairway I'll try to upload a pictures of what I did... before its given to my daughter.  But all in all, there shouldn't be any limits or rules to what anyone wants or decides to do. Just go with it. You don't HAVE to build it exactly like the Instructions say. And although I enjoy looking around HobbyLobby they are overpriced so you'd be surprised what you can build yourself from looking online.