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  1. nanaroma

    This is the photo of my Nana's house, obtained from the real estate agents who sold it in 2014.   My mock-up is 14 and a half inches by 15 inches, but the back of the house is from memory because it was demolished and rebuilt in 1970.   The plastic furniture is my own toys from the 1940s.
  2. nanaroma

    Wow!   Do you think so?   Will I post the real house or my mockup?
  3. nanaroma

    Thanks so much KathieB.   All encouragement is most welcome xxx
  4. nanaroma

    So far so good.
  5. nanaroma

    I just realised I posted the wrong photo.   To answer all your questions at once, I am working on the plan of my Nana's house, I have made three furniture kits, the crystal cabinet, the dressingtable with the wing mirrors, and the double bed with the slatted head and ends.   No I have two 'Art Deco Lazy Chair' kits waiting.  And I have found some fabric in my stash to cover them.   Everything will be 1930s style but not elegant, more working class.   The wing mirrors are a bit classy for my Nana, but it is so cute.   I have 1930s furniture in my own house so I hope to be able to copy a couple of pieces in basswood.   Fingers crossed.
  6. nanaroma

    And they are all from Melissa's Miniwereld, with two armchairs yet to be made.  
  7. nanaroma

    I started at the beginning of 2019 with a lantern garden room which became a shed because I made the potting bench too big, so everything kind of transmogrified into 1:12.   So having handed them over to my daughter at Easter, I wanted to continue building.   The 1:24 change came about because I want to recreate my Nana's house and I don't have a table/workspace big enough.  
  8. nanaroma

    Hi from Alexandra, Victoria, Australia.   I am very new to tiny building so starting with 1:24 furniture kits.   I hope to learn some techniques from the forum.