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  1. My Mother's Childhood Home in 1/12th

    what a beautiful tangible memory to be able to keep and have!
  2. Dollarama has mini furniture

    Oh! That's a good idea! I've sanded everything to within an inch of its life, and took apart and reassembled the cradle into a much cuter cradle. In fact I want to grab a few more of those next time I'm there. 
  3. I was at my local Dollarama today to get some stuff for camping and took a wander down the craft aisle as usual.  They were putting out new stock and there's a line of Mini Furniture painting sets for $1.50 each. Unpainted wood, a really horrible brush and 3 little pots of primary coloured paint. The quality is not great, but with some work, some love, some good paint and such I think I can produce something I can use. The scale is... I don't think there is a coherent scale really. I decorate my houses in a mishmash of homemade and store bought stuff, some of it Calico Critters scale, some of it 1/12, so I don't worry so much about scale personally. Some of the items seem to be 1/12 or close, others are totally wonky, so there really isn't even consistency among the collection. I got an oval shaped table, a cradle, a hutch, a dresser and a console table. There was also a vanity table and a few other items that really didn't appeal to me.  edit to add: They appear to have been constructed with great gobs of hot glue... I love a challenge.
  4. Steampunk Hats

    those hats are great!  congratulations on your anniversary! <3
  5. What's everyone working on?

    that rug is adorable! i am currently working is getting the basement sorted out, so i have room to do the renovations to my Ikea dollhouse, and then start my Magnolia.
  6. hello from Canada!

    hello all! i got a Magnolia kit last month and have been researching like crazy so i don't screw things up too badly when i start building it. i figured it would be a good idea to get involved here because i'm sure i'll have a million questions. this will be 5th dollhouse i've had over my life, though the only one i currently have is the cute little IKEA one. the others were rehomed or lost over the decades.  i haven't even started the Magnolia and i already have ideas for several more builds... and before i get to it i want to do a few renovations to the IKEA house. i'm not going for any real historical accuracy or anything, just what i think looks cute or pretty or whatever. i also bought several of the Greenleaf furniture kits and have built them. they turned out adorable in my opinion. the wood is a little rough around the edges but it actually worked with the looks i was going for. the houses will be populated with the Calico Critters i've been collecting since childhood. i know this will lead to all sorts of scale wonkyness, but they look adorable with the oversized furniture and i've figured out how to build them little stepstools so they can reach the top shelves and such. this is the IKEA house, populated with Calico Critters and filled with a variety of furniture, new 1/12 stuff, official Calico Critters items both new and old,things i've recently built from craft sticks and such, things my dad and i built when i was a kid, and a few pieces from my very first dollhouse when i was a toddler. my husband is going to help me install another floor over the kid's room so i can set up a bathroom. i'll add a faux window to the kid's room and a faux skylight once that's done. (i tried to attach the photo but couldn't get it to work, so here's a link to it if you'd like to see)