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    Hey everybody.  I am brand new to doll house making.  Let me explain a little how I wound up here.  I am a cross stitch fan and one day while looking for new cross stitch kits to buy, a DIY Mini doll house room kit popped up in my search list.  So I bought one and then 2 and 3 and so on.  I am still working on my first one and really enjoy it.  It is a bit difficult for me to figure out how to handle such tiny pieces but I am getting there after buying tons of different glues, tweezers, etc., to help me in my process. So, I joined here to see if there were tips and tricks for working with such small items, but really do not see anything here about that, but see tons of info on regular size doll houses.  So this got me thinking...instead of buying 12 different room kits, why not buy a regular doll house kit. So, I am hoping to find information on a kit maybe I could buy, a 1st doll house kit, regular size, that includes all the furniture and what not you need to complete the kit, to practice on, and once I am comfortable working with these small items, I might branch out into furnishing and what not in my own style. So, does anybody know of a doll house kit (regular size) that comes with the furniture, curtains, paint maybe, siding, etc.?