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  1. The Courtyard.jpeg

    Exquisite! I wish the like button would let me hit it more than once! I would give it a gazillion likes!
  2. Another mini newbie

    Welcome MJ!  
  3. 20190915-235512.jpg

    Thank you! I am working on the skeleton players now. They will be showing up soon. Got to straighten out that back wall too. 
  4. Need help with building (Tiffani)

    Welcome! You are definitely in the right place for help. I'm sure someone here has instructions/ and or has built it.
  5. 20190915-235512.jpg

    From the album Boney Bingo HBS Halloween Contest

    Getting there time to round up the skeleton crew.
  6. 20190915-124645.jpg

    From the album Boney Bingo HBS Halloween Contest

    Where I'm starting from after too many years in the Hobby House. Practically unrecognizable. 
  7. 20190915-140712.jpg

    From the album Boney Bingo HBS Halloween Contest

    Bad copy of poor quality original but this is how it looked circa 1989ish.
  8. Halloween contest

    Bad copy of a poor quality original but this is how it looked circa 1989ish. I did get an album made and it sat on the saving images section for a good ten minutes. I finally just x'd out of it. Sounds like an internet issue on my end maybe.
  9. Halloween contest

    I tried to start an album but kept getting an upload failed error. Then I tried just posting a couple pictures and got kicked out of the forum. Trying one last time and then I need to get started! This is what was left of the bingo hall after too many years in the Hobby House. Practically unrecognizable.
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Or you could just brag on how you saved $680 because I believe the kit is still available on Manhattan dollhouses website for $880. 
  11. Halloween contest

    Because I kinda wanted to do something different but like you said it is a Halloween contest and skeletons do lend themselves well to a miniature setting. 
  12. Halloween contest

    I thought about haunting my Bingo Hall roombox with some skeletons and such playing or doing a trick or treat scene with my old porch kit but I see some of the other entries have skeletons and there is a porch already too.  Still might do one or the other though. 
  13. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    We need rain too. The current track comes a bit closer in than Dorian if it comes up the east coast so I guess I had better clean the gutters this time  but at least that means I have a roof which is more than those poor folks in the Bahamas. Thinking about you in Florida too! 
  14. I will be leaving you guys at the end of September!

    Wow! That is some plan you have laid out there. I admire your goal to be mortgage free and I really hope you succeed. It sounds like you are determined to and that's half the battle. Agree with you that it's a bad time of year take care of yourself!
  15. View thru the side door