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  1. Hello to fellow miniature lovers.

    There are a few listed on ebay now. I ordered one...hope I like it. I figured if you did Holly it was good.
  2. Hello to fellow miniature lovers.

    Welcome Carole! Enjoying seeing the pics of your Walmer. Look forward to seeing what you do with the Ashley. I have one in my stash that I started bashing years ago for a restaurant but have forgotten what I had planned and the parts don't make sense now lol!
  3. Beacon Hill assembly

    I agree the shell looks great! I have that same cat table set! I think it is probably one of my favorite mini treasures if not the favorite. 
  4. Never worked with this kit but it looks like you have enough material on that sheet to make some fortunately. 
  5. Where to buy accessories

    factorydirectcraft.com dollhousesandmore.com Both are good about sending coupons via email. FDC sometimes tucks in a free gift with an order though not always mini related but a nice touch. Dollhouses and more ships lightning fast!
  6. Hello!

  7. wish.com

    I signed up looked around a bit then deactivated my account. 
  8. Clay stone technique

    Lol I bet it does but I wouldn't have thought about doing that so thanks! I went by HL today but didn't get any clay so who knows I may just try this yet.
  9. Clay stone technique

    Neat but clay is on sale this week at HL I think so I may whimp out and go that route. 
  10. Clay stone technique

    The one with junk mail in the food processor? I've been wanting to try making some, I like the texture. 
  11. Hello!

    Welcome Jilland daughter!
  12. New to Dollhouses

    Welcome Trania! Glad you are here! When you make 4 more posts you can upload pictures of that wonderful find. Then I'm sure you will get plenty of help and good ideas. I know I have!  Until then unless you're good at really really shrinking pictures it's kind of difficult LOL!
  13. 20200118-153841.jpg

    Yes right now I am thinking half of what I want will be on the unseen half! I always start with too much and have to whittle down.   
  14. 20200118-153841.jpg

    From the album Primrose

    I wanted a take-out window but I want a long counter on one side and a long bench with a couple of tables on the other. Already decided the roof opening has to be enlarged. Upstairs will be storage and perhaps a restroom. 
  15. 20200118-152831.jpg

    From the album Primrose

    Working on something small today...this is going to be a coffee shop. Dry fitting and figuring out where things will go. Think I will lower the window some.