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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Hi Anastasia! Welcome love the little doll!
  2. Welcome Chelsea!  I'm sure when you're able to post pictures of that floor you'll get many helpful suggestions on how to fix the warp. 
  3. Beacon Hill Christmas Gift

    No. I  would think it only applies to  actual shell construction since it says build. I think the thread/post also says something about approximate time as well. Still when when you're staring at a box with a million pieces and parts it is nice to know that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel LOL!
  4. Beacon Hill Christmas Gift

    There is a thread that has build times for Greenleaf kits. It says 50 hours for BH. 
  5. Welcome! Love the house you picked! Can't wait to see it all gussied up
  6. Beacon Hill Christmas Gift

    Hi Jenny! Welcome to the forum. I have not built the Beacon Hill but there are plenty of members here who have and I am sure someone will be along shortly. There are many galleries of that houseto look at while you wait. Perhaps that will help. There's usually a little diagram that shows the pieces on each sheet and their numbers somewhere in the instructions.
  7. New member introduction from Georgia.

    Welcome Anthony! Looks like you are off to a good start on your Fairfield build. I'm sure you will make it beautiful. 
  8. mirror finish

    I have seen some videos on YouTube and there may have been a thread once on here not sure, memory is getting worse by the nanosecond. I think they all used a mirrored card or mirrored cardstock like in scrapbooking or card making. I picked up one of those little shiny mini Christmas Village skating ponds at Walmart yesterday to experiment with cutting for a mirror but it may be too thick for what you want. 
  9. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    I couldn't find the tinker toy tree at my local Hallmark store. I had planned to get the school but I came home with Poppy the Snowman. He will look cute on the kitchen table at Pepperwood Farm!
  10. HBS Halloween contest

    Yes I do think that would have been easier! Thank you! I will try that for the next haunting. I'm planning a putt-putt course for the mini village and I can just see the skellies returning for its grand opening! 
  11. HBS Halloween contest

    The entries were wonderful for the most part. I liked yours and I like it even more now hearing its backstory. I think I burned some fingerprints off bending/ melting my skeletons into position. I voted for my favorites as well. Do you think Momo In The Apothecary is a live flying squirrel or taxidermy? I enjoyed every moment of recreating my bingo hall and haunting it. I too left it where I could see and enjoy it every day. I hope no one was discouraged by the results of the contest. 
  12. modern bedroom scene

    That is very clever! I love the bedspread too, so comfy looking! 
  13. HBS Halloween contest

    I never expected to win either. The votes I got mean the world to me more so than any gift certificate. Was it like this in years past? Or have they done this before? Never followed anything other than their yearly contest before. 
  14. Wooden sculpture

    I like it the way it is too. Wonderful work!
  15. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    Well said!