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  1. More Minis Blog

    Hi everyone!  I am very happy to say that my blog is back on Blogger. I found a work around to my image hosting issues with Google and the blog is now fully hosted on Blogger once more.  I hated having to host my blog on Facebook. I know that caused a lot of followers to be unable to continue visiting. But, it was the only way to keep from taking down the blog all together. All articles have been updated with new information from new assemblies. I am still tweaking, updating links and making it HTML5 friendly, but there’s no more requirement to use Facebook to view it. All info can be viewed by all visitors.
  2. Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit

    I got to find one on Etsy with the help of a fellow forum member. The kit has become extremely rare. It's nowhere to be found. Hopefully, some more will eventually become available with time or Greenleaf will re-stock. Until then, they have become impossible to find!
  3. Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit

    I plan on going to the Lakeland show in June or July (forgot the date) as well. Nope, I wasn't looking for coffee, but I think I did see you! I was the one with the jeans and black knit top. Next time I am going to have a shirt made that says More Minis Dollhouses, so I more easily recognizable. If you went to Ron's then I'm sure you must have seen my husband behind the counter with him since he spent most of the time there with them. Ah, I wish we could have met, but definitely next time. 
  4. Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit

    I got there at around noon. Oh my goodness, I didn't know anyone from the forum was going! I should have made a post that I was going.  We hung out at Ron's table for hours. I did the free class. I found some unique items too and they were not expensive at all. We had a great time. 
  5. Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit

    I noticed the site was getting a revamp and it does look great! Might have to try logging in again today or will have to create a whole new account to get in. Well worth it, I love that store.
  6. Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit

    Uh-oh, that doesn't sound very promising....:(
  7. Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit

    I'm sorry it's taken a while for me to reply, but I attended the Boca Raton Miniatures show yesterday and I was busy! Needless to say, it was fabulous.  My blog is still up on blogger, but all of the assembly links go to Facebook. Unfortunately, I had to move everything to Facebook because I couldn't find a free image hosting site that permitted links to third parties anymore. Since everything is going to mobile, all of the old formats are dying off. It was a big move, but I think Facebook is here to stay, at least for a long time, so the assemblies can remain up for as long as Facebook is up. 
  8. Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit

    Hi everyone! Has anyone else had trouble logging into the Greenleaf Company Store site? For some reason it doesnt recognize my username and it wont send me the email to reset my password. Very strange because I have always logged in with the same information.  Anywho, what I really wanted to know was about is the Miniature Pine Mountain Village Kit. I really want to purchase this kit, but its been out of stock forever. I contacted Greenleaf to ask when it would return, but have not gotten a reply. This is the last quarter scale kit I need to complete my quarter scale dollhouse collection. I really want that tiny Orchid! I have tried to see if I could find the kit on eBay or elsewhere, but it's literally nowhere. Anyone out there has any information about it or has also inquired about it and gotten a response? I'm anxious to start quarter scale again! 
  9. Bug In My Kit?!

    I agree with this. This has been my experience with Greenleaf since I began assembling dollhouses many years ago. Greenleaf is one of the very rare companies that actually care about their customers and take pride in their products. They genuinely show concern about the products they are selling and their quality. This level of commitment to a product instead of just profits, is extremely rare nowadays. The fact that we have this wonderfully put together forum to go to, shows that they aren't just selling items, they are actually care. This is why I have always been so devoted to Greenleaf. 
  10. Bug In My Kit?!

    Thank you so much Dean! Greenleaf is the best! I dropped you a message with all of the information. I think you are right about these holes possibility having been there since before manufacturing. If it was an active infestation, you would think all the sheets would be eaten away but it's only two. The other sheets are just fine and have no holes. I see little critters crawling in and out of the holes, but they could be just making a home in the holes made by the previous beetles. These little crawling ones might not be the original ones that damaged the wood. Im going to begin sanding parts tomorrow from the good sheets and hopefully I won't see any creepy crawlies on them.  It is very nice to see all of these familiar names as well!
  11. Bug In My Kit?!

    Well, the kit has already been in my house for months so if there is going to be an infestation, it's already started! lol I'm in Florida, so I'm not really surprised by any infestation. I've seen it all and been through it all. Funny thing is that I have seen these little holes in other kits and have ignored it because they have been minor. I never even bothered to find out what caused it, but these sheets caught my attention because there were so many holes. They seem to be caused by powderpost beetles. I've seen these little bugs before, but never bothered trying to find out what they were. Good thing is they hate treated, painted, stained or wood that's been finished in any way. They only like raw wood. That's probably why I haven't seen an infestation until now. 
  12. Bug In My Kit?!

    I had thought about freezing their little butts! I just doused the wood in vinegar and tomorrow when it's dry, Ill pull the parts off and freeze them. Thank goodness it's only two sheets. The rest of the kit looks just fine. 
  13. Bug In My Kit?!

    I don't have bug spray! Would vinegar work? 
  14. Bug In My Kit?!

    Hello everyone!  I am having a peculiar problem and I immediately knew that I had to come here for advice. I bought a McKinley Dollhouse kit from The kit is in excellent condition, as usual. It is also not an old kit. I was doing inventory of the parts today when I noticed that two sheets of wood had these tiny holes all over it. I hope you all can see them in the photo I am attaching. They are so small, they are hard to photograph. Anyways, as I was examining and wondering what these little holes are, I see teeny tiny bugs coming out of the holes! I have never seen anything like this, in all of the years I have been assembling. Does anyone know what these can be and more importantly, what do I do about them before assembling? Are they harmful to the finished product?  Thank you in advance!
  15. Have you ever had.....

    This has happened to me more times than I can count!