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  1. Wanted 1/144 Garfield NIP

    Thanks everybody for your help . I have managed to obtain a NIB 1/144 Garfield kit from a member on this site - so happy days !  
  2. Painting

    Thanks everybody for your helpful advice and wisdom i very much appreciate all the replies and will certainly take it into account .   Stuart.  
  3. Painting

    Very good idea - tracing the outline before assembly and using it as a template ! Why no self adhesive paper any reason ? Can you buy books of wallpaper of varying types like 100 page or is it an individual item purchased ? I don’t have the luxury of just popping down the shop - besides the fact there are no dollhouse or miniature shops in the closest major town to me - it’s over 150ks one way drive . I have to buy online and get items posted. Thanks 
  4. Painting

    Thank you for the reply . When using wallpaper is it best to use the self adhesive type or the type you apply glue too ?  
  5. Painting

    Hi guys . This has probably been covered previously- but I can’t find any helpful advice . Although I have built many houses in the past I’ve never decorated nor painted , that has been left up to others . Question : Is it best to paint or wallpaper the interior of a house prior to assembly for ease of getting to certain areas ? Or can this be done effectively once assembled ?  No particular house just interested in what the majority of people do . What is the general consensus - feedback much appreciated . Stuart.
  6. Hi From Australia

      Hi Rebecca. Thank you for the welcome . Always good to see Aussies and Kiwi’s - in fact all people’s from around the world. I figured this was a great forum with lovely members - everybody is super nice and helpful.
  7. Hi From Australia

    Thank you Donna 
  8. Hi From Australia

    Thanks Holly for the warm welcome    Ive yet to collect the Kit the Samantha - it’s on my list but also an 8 hour drive away  - the lovely person I purchased it from is going to meet us somewhere to save us the longer drive . Thanks for the link - sure it will come in handy 
  9. Wanted 1/144 Garfield NIP

    I know a Garfield for the Garfield - I’m so predictable 
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Hi Samantha yes I did on your advice - glad I did as well  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction 
  11. G’day all from Australia - Thanks for the welcome. I’m an ex Australian Army Infantry Soldier living on a few acres in a small country town in NSW - currently work for the Department of education. Currently have one built house The Stlapleford (Barbara’s Moulding) and I’ve just purchased a Greenleaf Garfield which Is yet to be built , looking forward to sharing my build here . Have already done much searching and reading on this forum. I use to scratch build dollhouses about 20 years ago making at least a dozen but haven’t dabbled in this hobby for some time. Im a very big collector of 1/10 Radio Controlled cars New In Box ( unbuilt ) I have about 300 and about 20-30 built cars on display , I also collect Vintage lego train sets for my grandchildren to play with on visits ,N gauge model railway - pretty much anything not nailed down . Also very proficient in wood working have my own lathe-bandsaw-table saws-drill press and many more - have built furniture in the past. I have 4 children ( all adults now ) and find myself an empty nester ( which is awesome ! ). I also have 4 motorbikes and do a lot of motorbike touring . And have in the last 3 years built my Victorian Federation dream house on my acreage. Umm that’s about it .        
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Yes I brought it - it was a bit pricey but as you mentioned already in Australia.  
  13. Hi . Looking for a New In Packet 1/144 Garfield kit .   Thanks in advance .