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  1. Finished 18th c Pennsylvania stone house

    Really Nice!
  2. Miniatures in Marble

    I am in the Gainesville area. The process I am using is to have the the miniature made in 3D art, printed, a mold made, than cast using my special mix. Then clean up the casting, polish to bring out the highlights, etc. I am trying to duplicate the look of Carrara marble At some point I will probably be offering some for sale in order to offset the cost of developing each design
  3. Paintings

    I m working on printing and framing some paintings but I want to enhance the look. I understand one way to replicate oil paintings is to apply a layer of clear brushed on thick paint to add some depth has anyone tried that? Also a decent source for picture frame molding in 1:12?
  4. Miniature Museum

    I am working on a line of "marble" (cast gypsum dental plaster and marble powder) statues and busts but I fear it will be many months before they are available but I think they would fit perfectly. I am starting with versions of famous works like the Borghese Ares and the Venus de Milo (in bust form) but all based on classical and neo-classical museum examples
  5. Miniatures in Marble

    Hello New member from Georgia USA. As the name implies I like miniatures and also classical and neo-classical art and architecture so I am combining my two passions into one. I am currently starting on a shop in 1:12 scale that will house my miniature marble sculptures and busts for sale. Time frame would probably be Regency England so the height of the neo-classical period.