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  1. Help - Help - Help Please

    BTW My publisher: Tho.McTighe Esq.
  2. Help - Help - Help Please

    First pass at my Homer by Flaxman - Iliad and Odyssey each includes all 34 original plates done by John Flaxman I can see some areas to improve but I am getting better
  3. Help - Help - Help Please

    Thanks - I have two volunteers this place is the best  
  4. Napoleon's Marshals

    The satin varnish is too shiny for the Slipcase I have some matte varnish coming. I think that will tone it down but I like the strength the varnish imparts to the paper
  5. Help - Help - Help Please

    I now have about 7 or so books printed or ready for printing and assembling: The three volume set of Napoleon's life - Slipcased together The two volume set of John Flaxman's Illustrations of Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey - Slipcased together The first two volumes of my "History of World Art" series The Paintings of Jacques-Louis David - individually Slipcased The Sculpture of Antonio Canova engraved by Henry Moses - individually Slipcased   In another week or two I should have some sets assembled and ready to go. What I need is a few people familiar with miniatures to look them over and critique them. Tell what they see wrong, what I could do better, etc. In exchange they can keep them or dispose of them as they decide. I feel like I can only progress so far without some independent review at this point. If this is something you think you can do please PM me. I hope this isn't out of line for asking here?
  6. Napoleon's Marshals

    fully readable each picture is clearly labeled
  7. Napoleon's Marshals

    Three volume set with slipcase Still a few issues to work out but they are getting better I think The Life of Napoleon Volume I: The House of Bonaparte Volume II: The Grande Armee Volume III: Napoleon's Marshals
  8. Wedgwood Jasperware

    John Flaxman, who did the designs for the Iliad and Odyssey I used in the miniature books I made, did most of these designs as well. This set dates from 1955 but the patterns are 150 years older than that
  9. Wedgwood Jasperware

    This ones full size but we both like tea so I am giving her this as well  
  10. Napoleon's Marshals

  11. Napoleon's Marshals

    Part of a series of five books on the life of Napoleon. Just a test of the Marshals, portraits of all twenty-six Marshals. title pages, gilt edging, etc.
  12. Article about Mark & Chris Lusink - Majestic Mansions

    Wow just down the street from me I am about five minutes from Lula
  13. Wedgwood Jasperware

    As far as i know for display. I haven't checked when they were made but i do know they are discontinued
  14. Wedgwood Jasperware

    we collect some Jasperware by Wedgwood, not seriously, just here and there (I go for any type of neoclassical art) so I gt these miniatures for my wife for X-Mas. They aren't dollhouse size more like 1:6, and the vases are about 3 1/4" tall  
  15. Amazon Alexa

    Don't like the idea of people listening to me so no don't have one and won't get one