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  1. A nice job done creating the Ingalls cabin and family and with all the similar furniture the family had in their home. 
  2. New member

    Thanks for sharing! I'll check it out.
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    Hello and thank you!
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    Hello!  I hope you can find the reply I said about myself. If not let me know, I'll post directly to you. I'm new at this posting on this forum, so be patient with me, lol.
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    Hey! It's nice to meet you.
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    Thank you. It's nice to meet you too!
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    Thank you! It's nice to meet you. I sure will let you know when I decide. A smaller project will be my aim for starters. 
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    Thank you! I like to build and make things. I like to cook and bake, I like to sew, and I wanna try making a room before I advance to making a dollhouse. I like to watch "Little House on the Prairie." I was inspired to make their cabin and fill it with furniture just like the Ingall's furniture.
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    Thank you! 
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    Thanks everyone for your warm welcomes. Yes, starting with a room instead of a full blown dollhouse sounds logical. Thanks for the advice. It's nice to meet everyone!
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    Hello,  I haven't purchased the dollhouse kit yet. I need to see the prices first. It's nice to meet you...
  12. Hello everyone,  I am a new member. I joined today.