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  1. Just thought I would drop in to say I had great results from EasyCast. It made a nice clear stream which is what I was looking for.
  2. That's funny I just picked up EasyCast last night from Michaels, got it for 8 bucks with AC Moore coupon. Going to try it later or tomorrow see how it goes
  3. Not looking to spend alot of money on this, 20 bucks maybe or under. I seen this Quick Water stuff at Michael's that I could probably get for 7 bucks with a coupon, but I'm not sure how it dries? I don't know if it gets hard and clear or stays like jello
  4. So I built the base of a stream/river on some wood, I used some wood filler to make the banks, then, I painted it sealed it with Mod Podge and used some clear elmers glue to try and make a nice clear stream/river, but after 3 days the thing dried horribly. So I'm looking for some advice on how to make a clear stream, what I can use to make a body of water that won't dry and flatten out or get huge air pockets in it.
  5. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    Yep wet worked, I painted the base coat let it dry, then put the layer of glue immediately followed by the layer of top coat. Cracked when it dried. I'm still gonna pick up some crackle medium tomorrow though and see which works best. Trying to make a mini Halloween village.
  6. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    I will have to experiment more today.
  7. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    Yes I did, sorta, I waited a couple mins and it seemed to be drying out fast so I painted on it. You think it should be completely dry before painting it?
  8. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    I will look into that, but I'm trying to understand how the glue causes this effect
  9. Weathered Cardboard Siding

    This is an old topic I know, but I just can't seem to achieve this effect. I paint the cardboard (cereal box) with brown acrylic, I wait till its dry, about 10 mins. Then I apply the thin layer of white elmers glue, I only wait a minute or 2 for this step cause it seems to be starting to dry at this point. I then use this light grey acrylic paint over it. It does look slighly  weathered but not really that great or cracked. Maybe my timing is wrong or something on waiting between steps, I'm just not sure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.