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  1. My interior doors

    Thanks! Yes, I like to do that when possible, hopefully someone will find them useful in the future. 
  2. My interior doors

    Thank you. I’m in two minds about the door hardware. I’ve got an idea that the handles would be a standard round type (which I can buy fairly easily), although a more custom handle might be nice. I will definitely be using the printer for other bits and pieces around the place. 
  3. My interior doors

    I thought you might like to see the interior doors I’ve made this weekend. I used a Cricut Maker with the Knife Blade tool. I’ve posted all the process pics on imgur here:
  4. Mixing 1/12 & 1/24 lighting plugs?

    That’s great info, thank you. And a good idea to try a couple of them first before going all-in.  Now that I know the lights would still work power wise, I’ll give it a go. 
  5. Mixing 1/12 & 1/24 lighting plugs?

    Luckily I’m in the UK and can get hold of the 1:24 plugs fairly easily. Like these: And these twin sockets/outlets (advertised as 1:24 scale on a well known auction site) were exactly what I was considering: So I wouldn’t really need the extra male plugs, all I need to do is put a 1:12 plug (which I can remove from the lamp I want to use) onto the double outlet wire and use the small male plug that was removed from that and simply transplant that onto the lamp wire. A straight swap!   Brilliant, thank you!
  6. Mixing 1/12 & 1/24 lighting plugs?

    Thank you.  
  7. OK, here's the first of probably many silly questions. I've given the forum a thorough search but I've not had any luck finding the answer, so before I buy anything, here goes. Is it possible to use the neat little 1/24 scale double sockets as wall outlets but have them attached to plugs that go into a 1/12 scale power strip? I've seen a decent 1/12 lighting kit that has all I'd need, I prefer the small outlets of 1/24. I'm planning on partially sinking the outlets into the wall (or maybe even into the baseboard, undecided as yet) and these will be used for the free standing lights I'll have around the apartment. I don't have ceilings on this project but my wall mounted lighting will be wired to the power strip under the floorboards. I realise that if, for example, I purchase 1/12 lamps that have the larger plugs on them, I'd have to swap the plugs to the small 1/24 ones, but would the lamp still work the same? Are the wires even the same? Or, am I committing a massive Faux Pas in the world of dollhouse building by even suggesting such a thing? Sorry, there ended up being more than one question.
  8. Another newbie

    Thank you, I’m sure there’ll be some stumbling blocks but hopefully I’ll find some help here.  
  9. Another newbie

    Thank you. It’s quite nerdy of me but I tracked down the 1938 Building Code for fire escapes so I’d get the dimensions close (but in thicknesses to suit the printing process and avoiding fragility).  I design architectural steelwork as my day job (staircases, balconies, balustrade etc). So getting that bit right is important to me.  
  10. Another newbie

    Thanks! It’s mainly 6mm MDF and yes, I’ve planned on using strip wood for the joists.    
  11. Another newbie

    Hello all, I’m Simon from Nottingham in the UK (and my state is always utter bewilderment). I found this site today and after reading a few posts I realised it’d be a good idea to join you and thought you might like to see my very early Work in Progress. It has been about 25 years since I last built a Dollhouse and that was a medium sized kit I built for my daughter. After years of deliberating I have finally decided to design one for myself. It will be an open top house (I hope they OK with you folks) and is going to be a New York style apartment. I’m making the side section hinged so that the rooms are more easily accessible and yes, I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ll be adding floor joists that appear when it’s open. There will be a fire escape to the back wall outside the windows. Luckily I have a 3D printer so I can make quite a few custom pieces as I need them. All the parts for that are now printed and ready to file/sand/tidy and then assemble. So, early stages as yet (I’m having the panels laser cut by a local company) and it’ll be nice to spend some time getting it just how I envisage it to be. Looking forward to getting to know you all. Simon