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  1. Large Collection for Sale

    Whoa!  Well she needs some work!  Thank you for the info!
  2. Large Collection for Sale

    Thank you!  It's a really nice house!  
  3. Large Collection for Sale, is the way I posted this ok then?  She kept one house in case she ends up with some time.  She is starting a new business up and is a busy gal!!!!
  4. Large Collection for Sale

    Hello Miniature Lovers! Does anyone want to take a road trip?  We are cleaning out Grandma's collection and have quite a list of dollhouse kits, unfinished houses, supplies and furniture to sale.  We would LOVE to sell the whole lot as a pickup.  Wouldn't know the first thing about shipping this stuff or know nothing of ebay.  We are located in Hutchinson, KS, so we are almost smack dab in the middle of the country. We do believe all kits are complete.  Some boxes are pretty worn.  A couple of the incomplete builds are as is (the two we couldn't identify).  List and pics: Kits:  Bellingham Farm House, Alexandra, Newberg, Granville, Duracraft Farmhouse Incomplete builds:  Mint Julip, Victorian Cottage Jr that needs a little work, two unknown, San Fran bash and a cute little greenleaf We know a ballpark figure we'd like, so please....make an offer!  Oh, and don't worry....Grandma is fine....just downsizing and off to the next hobby!  Please see below link for photos.......