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  1. 2nd floor of Harrison.  I did most of the floors, before side walls were up.  I left a space open to glue tabs to side walls.  



  2. Being a newbie with constructing a dollhouse,  I am only using battery operated lights.  



  3. My Harrison is almost fully assembled now.  Here are some pictures when I started building the house.  I made the dollhouse flooring with popsicle sticks and used black cherry stain. 





  4. Hello Greenleaf Community,

    When I was 10 years old, my parents bought me the Harrison Dollhouse.  It never got completed.  Years ago, I gave it away.   I was shocked to see that the Harrison is still on the market.  Two years ago, I bought the Harrison Dollhouse.  This dollhouse is surely challenging.  I am having fun.  I will be sharing pictures in the near future.