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  1. 5A07E774-4055-4022-AB24-39F3088D2E5C.jpeg

    No, I'm not building that yet. Was just curious. It didn't look like a foundation wall.
  2. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I need to find a pile of gravel then....thanks KathieB!
  3. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    I am thinking of making a rock wall foundation for my Pierce. Maybe even the chimney. I am worried there will be too much brick and the stencil doesn't fit under the floor overhang.  So I found this video about DIY rock wall roller from Real Terrain Hobbies. It's pretty cool. But I think his example is of 1/2 scale? Could someone watch the video (if you haven't already seen it, lol) and let me know? If it is, then I think I can make one using stones twice as big. Thank you very much. I've looked at a lot of stuff about scale, but I don't think I am a good judge yet.
  4. 5A07E774-4055-4022-AB24-39F3088D2E5C.jpeg

    What is the purpose for the space below the first floor and above the base?
  5. DecoHouseNoStripes.jpg

    I agree it is cool. But I was thinking Jettsons. Because of the windows. Lol
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    It looks like an Arthur.  Wish I lived closer....I'm on other side of state.
  7. Brick Exterior Advice

    Lol. Too true!
  8. House Beautiful Dollhouse Challenge

    I liked the black house best. Not necessarily the wallpaper, but she seemed to know what she was doing with the details. Maybe I'm just not into the minimalist scene. I do know I have seen finer interior decorations in this forum than I did in the videos created by the "experts".
  9. Brick Exterior Advice

    So if not polyurethane, that what would be a good sealer? The acrylic spray?
  10. Brick Exterior Advice

    I'm glad to know this now and not learn from experience! Thanks!
  11. Karens room (13)L.jpg

    I love how the paintings and throw pillows add to the whole room. Did you make them yourself?
  12. Hi all

    Hi! I'm curious about the weird little statue things. Once you can post pictures that would be cool to see! Welcome aboard!
  13. Brick Exterior Advice

    Thanks! I'll look for those.
  14. Brick Exterior Advice

    I decided to make my Pierce with a brick exterior. I wanted red brick. After researching different methods I decided on the joint compound and stencil approach. I added barn red paint to the compound for tinting. When it dried it LIGHTENED. You could not longer see the definition of the brick against the grey "morter" I painted on after priming and before the bricks. So I have been daubing the paint on and am very pleased with how it looks. Some pink shows through the red giving it a weathered look imo. My question is how and when should I seal it? I did a test board. Modge Podge left a yellow tint. Polyurethane is clear but slightly shiny. I'll post a picture of my test board. I think sealing is a good idea cause I am noticing some crumbling with the dried compound. I am making this house for play. But im not sure about the shiny. I need to touch up morter in spots before I seal.  Should I seal before adding trim? Should I wait till I assemble and glue at the very end? I'll need to add brick to floor tabs that will show through.  Please advise. Thank you!