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  1. farmhouse kitchen

    What an awesome house. Very rural as the kitchen is the heart of working farm  houses! My son let our hens in once. They walked around admiring our "coop". Your hens made me remember that! 
  2. Hippie House

    Now I gotta go back and look....didn't notice it the first time.
  3. Hippie House

    Wow! Woohoo tiny! Amazing details!
  4. Update on rehabbing this old Pierce

    I've read through this thread and am still not sure what I should do with my Pierce. It's down to the base, and I decided to not deconstruct the stairs, just clean up the glue gobs on the sides and under the treads. My question is do I or don't I disassemble the base. A lot of wood putty was used on the tabs fitting the base together. What are your opinions?
  5. stein

    It's a two hander, big men like those kinds of steins. Very Viking! My DH would love to get draft beer in that size!
  6. Sealing your plywood first

    I had seen these in another post. What I meant was all you put on them was a stain, right? Also does scribing mean you carved floorboard lines onto the plywood? These are nice, btw! Your little people look happy!
  7. Sealing your plywood first

    Just from stain?
  8. Sealing your plywood first

    Well i ended up guessing water based instead of oil. Please let me know if i picked wrong and ill exchange it. I was in store frantically scroling through forum. Lol. Also gloss or semi gloss? I got semi.
  9. Sealing your plywood first

    What kind of poly for floors?
  10. Greenleaf Pierce

    Lorna I'm having the same interior debate. Do I put the Pierce I'm disassembling away and do an easier, smaller one to get my feet wet or jump into the Pierce? I have an Arthur and a Madison to choose. I waffle everyday. I decided to wait till it was down to the base before making a final decision. For me it's choosing the decor. I can't decide. I've looked at tons on this forum...and can't decide. I think there is no wrong choice. Someone said whatever makes you feel lighter. Maybe whichever one you can clearly envision more?
  11. Loose Ends

    Nice! When you use the additional magnification do you squint one eye shut? Haha haha! But seriously hands free is the key. I need bright light too. It is never bright enough in my house....
  12. Sealing your plywood first

    Thanks! So builds with hard to reach places like the Pierce stairwell could be done Hollys way and easier builds could done Carries way. Got it! 
  13. Loose Ends

    I'm just gonna get the old lady magnifying stand up tool when I'm ready to cross stitch on 24 count aida cloth or linen.  Why even fool myself?  14 count was getting challenging and that was years ago! lol
  14. Sealing your plywood first

    Just to clarify because I am almost done deconstructing my Pierce:  prime where I will paint/wallpaper or lay in floor/ceiling, varnish, or seal wood that will be exposed EXCEPT where wood glue goes (wood glue should be on raw wood)? Prime/seal/varnish, then sand, then prime/seal/varnish, then sand, then put up decorating materials?  I've read lots and have seen conflicting advice.
  15. Loose Ends

    I'm really looking forward to crocheting minis!