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  1. would love to see the oldest miniature you have and what is so special about it to keep it this long with you  
  2. Show us your oldest collection

    Hi, guys we have been collecting things throughout our life from childhood, and most of the things have memories connected to it....please share your oldest collection and if you wish along with its memories....
  3. 3D Papercrafts

    Paper craft tissue box
  4. Dollhouse You Tube Videos
  5. Miniature Power tools

      I have made working miniature power tools like Power drill, angle grinder, circular saw, air blower...and more with the name of "SAZOH miniature power tools"Here are the video links of my working power drill model (Please subscribe my youtube channel for more videos)  
  6. Hi I am new here and i love making scale models of different things, specially tools.