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  1. On 11/19/2019, 2:43:47, Bluestocking said:

    PS, in case someone is looking up horse tack and finds this, there was a series of four articles in "Nutshell News" by Sylvia Rountree called "The Scale Saddlery," each with instructions about making particular items --

    • January 1985: “Equestrian saddlery and accoutrements” (pp.112-??)
    • February 1985: “The snaffle bridle” (pp.88-89, 107-109)
    • March 1985: “English saddles” (pp.74-75, 78-81)
    • April 1985: “A bit about bridles” (pp.82-88)


    and a "horsey" issue in January 1982 with numerous articles and profiles, including the how-to "Grooming for a photo finish” (pp.77-79) by Sandy Tomezik about customizing Breyer horse models.

    Do you happen to have copies of these? I'd be willing to purchase or pdf.. just the articles  :)

  2. On 7/19/2019, 7:29:17, otterine said:

    FOUND! :D Long story short, I was able to get in touch with the author and get a copy directly from her!


    Could you please tell me how to get in contact with the author?? I have been trying for 6++ years to get a copy of this!