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  1. New to Dollhouse Lighting

    The small dome ceiling lights are all dim red. One thing I did notice, is the longer the system is plugged in the brighter those dome lights became. They never get what I would call bright, but they were better after about 15 minutes. Some of the plug in floor and table lamps and newer looking wall sconces are much brighter.    I agree, its probably not the connections. In some cases a bulb was simply loose, but a light is either on or off.  It must be the bulb type used in those dome lights is weaker somehow or it maybe similar to using a tiny nightlight vs a 100 W light bulb in your own livingroom. I don't really know how some lights could get less power than other ones with the same power source.  Looks like I am going to need to replace all those older dome ceiling lights. 
  2. New to Dollhouse Lighting

    fov,  I purchased the largest transformer that Cir-kit has the  CK1009D 12VDC 40W Tabletop. I think it said good for up to 160 3v bulbs.  I did wiggle a few of the bulbs that were out and they  did come on. I still have a few that did not. Those probably need the wiring connection re-checked or replaced.  Some of the light are bright, some are dim red, and a couple are tiny barely there dim red dots of light.  
  3. New to Dollhouse Lighting

    I recently bought a used Duracraft Victorian Mansion vm-800. I am just starting on re-doing the inside of it. The dollhouse was already wired with lights using the flat tape method. It did not come with the 12V  power cord and transformer.  I just purchased one for my dollhouse. I have never seen the inside of a dollhouse lighted in person before now.  I took pictures of some of my lights. In person they glow a dim reddish glow. They do not give off much actual light at all. However, they look much brighter in a photograph.  Is the dim reddish glow  normal?  I also have a few  2, 3 and 4 arm chandeliers that have a burnt out bulb or have a non working bulb.  Are they repairable? I am going to have to remove carpets and Wallpaper anyways, so I will have access to the tape wire. Looking for some suggestions on what I should do?
  4. I need some help with identifying the name of this dollhouse.  The previous owner said it was built  over 10 years ago using a kit.
  5. Welcome Rowan. I am new here too.
  6. Beacon Hill Staircase (with mod)

    Wormwoodz, love alterations on the BH staircase.  On this picture you have quite a bit of the wall between the staircase entry and the Living Room  removed.  I am really liking the opened look. Do you think it would  be possible to fully remove that wall and install some decorative columns to support that end of the staircase instead?
  7. New Member

    Hi Everyone, I am new to Dollhouse building and minis.  I got a taste of model building in college. We built Landscape Design models. It re-started my love of Model building. When I was young I inherited my Grandmothers old Antique Singer sewing machine.  I of course learned to sew and decided to start making lovely Barbie clothes. That led to designing Barbie houses from cardboard boxes.  I did a fair build. That also led to creatively finding objects I could use to create furniture and decor items for the "Barbie House"   I was young and had no money to buy the fancy store things.  So I spent many years doing that.  Now that I am nearing my retirement age, I want to start this new hobby of Dollhouses and miniatures.  I have been doing a lot of research and photo collecting of ideas and information.  I am currently looking at the Beacon Hill Dollhouse as my starting point.  I have a few questions that I need to resolve first though. That's why I came here hoping to find more information and a resource for some help.  
  8. Hello From Colorado!

    Hi Maria, I am new to Dollhouse building and also live in mountains in Bailey Colorado.  Will go take a look at your blog site.