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  1. Creatin' Contest kit in dry fit

    Wishing you luck! And me too! I got it during the April Fools sale as well but we just moved so the craft room is in shambles. Hoping to get it organized tonight so I can start building this project!! I'll be watching your progress for inspiration!
  2. 40% off minis

    I had to get the contest piece! I haven't had the time for quite a while to do their annual contest, but I might be able to do it this year. That or it'll go into the pile of incomplete contest pieces that will one day all be merged together to become a megatropolis-like contest submission! XD
  3. Ack! My boyfriend is down there this week!! Funny, not jealous he's in Florida, or near the beach, but now there is a mini show?! That's just salt in the wound...  XD
  4. Help with porch floor color for farmhouse please

    Yes I vote for griege too, in fact I just painted my master bathroom IRL something called useful grey - which looks like griege. Haha...  
  5. Creatin' Contest 2017

    Ah!  Here is a link to it...  you can see by the original kit it's nothing remotely resembling it!  
  6. Creatin' Contest 2017

    Thanks Mineejv! That's not bad - a significant discount off the next build - especially if you wait until one of their big sales...  Actually, since their contest pieces have increased in cost, it's essentially par with the prize value from when they DID send the next kit, really -- they also save S&H and you're not boxed in to the next build with a gift certificate. I recall the first time I entered, I think my build WAS too far bashed...  essentially I broke the house in half and used the two halves to create a dark ride facade. You couldn't even tell it was ever a free standing dollhouse!  I think THAT was going a bit too far... but if you look back in the archives, especially when the contest piece was just a room box, people go seriously out of the box - one of my favorites is still the archaeology dig someone did in one of their first years doing this. Talk about deconstructing the build!! It does make me think how easy it would be for an immoral person to use any closely designed building and repurpose it. I know I have several partially built contest pieces lying around.  But I'd never build them out to resemble a new contest piece to avoid buying it. I might make it a first level or an expansion piece - I don't think that's any different than like when I did the stick built house off the butterfly conservatory.
  7. Hereditary

    Yes, The Lovely Bones was top on my list. And television series with episodes like CSI's The Miniature Killer, Supernatural had one episode called Playthings...  and then there is the classic old Twilight Zone episode called Miniature.  In fact, outside of the movie Downsizing, which I haven't seen and am not sure how applicable it is, most dollhouse-based shows seem pretty dark!  Maybe it's simply that the art of dollhousing reaches so far back that it's a perfect catalyst for dark story lines.
  8. Creatin' Contest 2017

    Love that they post ALL of the entries now! So fun to look at...  and I'm very excited to start my idea for 2018 -- things will settle down after our move and home sale, then I can settle in and start working.  I read somewhere that the next build is no longer the "thank you" prize for all entrants. Has anyone here submitted entries recently who could enlighten me as to what the "thank you" prize consists of now? It's still mentioned on their website, so I'm wondering what they do now?
  9. Hereditary

    How does everyone feel about how Hollywood portrays miniaturists?  I'm putting this question out in the news and events because Toni Collette (the woman who played the mother in Sixth Sense) will be starring in a movie called Hereditary due to be released nationwide in June this year. It looks absolutely terrifying and she plays - what else, a miniaturist!  I can't WAIT to see it, however it is kind of a bummer that Hollywood in general only seems to find story lines where someone who tinkers with miniatures MUST be crazy. Still this movie looks GOOD.  
  10. How to paint a house

    I primed my dollhouse as I built it...  and then painted, wallpapered and carpeted later...  I couldn't decide how to decorate it until it was all put together. I highly recommend Gane Yes All-Purpose Stik Flat Glue if you decide to get any scrapbooking paper to wallpaper any of the rooms. And upholstery fabric works great for carpeting!   If I had done more painting and less wallpapering / carpeting, I might have opted to paint walls following the primer, only for the easier access.
  11. Painting on Canvas for miniaturists

    This is making me think it would be REALLY fun to have a virtual paint nite like those at local restaurants!  Alas, I'm in the middle of a move and won't be out of the woods and able to doing anything crafty until April, everything is already in boxes :  But if there is interest, I can run a sort of Real Time thread here one night for people to watch one of her videos and paint and post and paint and post. Or someone else maybe could try it sooner if they wanted to. I'd love to participate!!
  12. Hobbyist Lamp/Magnifier

    I have one of those larger crane ones that clamps to the edge of a table. I love the brighter light and I use the magnifier inside the round light when I'm painting something really small for details. I don't use it for general dollhouse construction, it would get in the way. The clamp is also frustrating when I want to work upstairs in the main area, as there isn't any good surface to clamp it onto. But it is excellent lighting and saves my eyes when I'm working on REALLY tiny items.
  13. When is the 25th HBS Creatin Contest announced?

    Oh wow, what a bummer - the best part of entering was receiving the next kit as a participant prize (well except maybe for the year I actually won!  XD). It's probably become such a quantity of entries that it just wasn't financially feasible. I have an idea for this next build, but it's probably a pretty cliche option. Of course I'll wait for their April Fools Day half price coupon because I'm cheep cheep!  
  14. I went to see this exhibit over the weekend at the Renwick Gallery in DC.  It was an amazing exhibit - each included a wall description including the accounts of the first witnesses on the scene. She would not share whether each scene was a suicide, murder or accident so you are really left to look at all the details. Just incredible to see in real life, I really enjoyed it. Although I recommend going on a weekday because it was crowded, and the small walled window boxes are not conducive to a big crowd. Plus it's DC - and I've lived outside DC my whole life so this is not tourist-opinion... people in DC are rude. Even with a distinct line to see an exhibit, people will just shove themselves right in front of the view box if the space exists. I would've stayed a lot longer to examine the displays if the other people hadn't been so abhorrent.  If you get a chance to go, consider attending on January 19th - at least I think it's the 19th - the author of her book will be there for a Q&A and autographing copies. The book itself has already been sold out in the gallery since the show opened, so they will only have them available that day when the author is in town.   Gallery Information
  15. Help building the house (Orchid)

    What Holly said - sand and primer are your friend. Sand every edge to make it easier to assemble with glue. Stain everything that will have a wood look and I use white Kilz primer on everything that will be wallpapered or painted. It protects the wood and makes paint lay better and not absorb. DO NOT use hot glue for assembly. Everyone has their go to glue, mine is Gorilla wood glue. You can use painters tape to hold pieces while they set. I only ever used hot glue for shingles.  After sanding, a wise idea is to dry fit everything. Sounds like an extra step that would be easy to skip, but it really gives you a good idea of what goes where. Not only does it help navigate and assure everything fits, but it will actually help make the assembly directions a little clearer to read. I know I end up reading every direction a hundred times. Dollhouses and costume patterns do that to me...first read through is always greek.. and if something is especially trying to understand, as lighting was for me, look it up on youtube. Its amazing how many tutorial videos are available for all sorts of specific steps. You may even find a video or blog specifically building the Orchid. And of course everyone here is incredibly helpful if you get tripped up along the way. And I love love love scrapbook paper for wallpaper, found at craft stores, and upholstery fabric makes great carpets!