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  1. Philadelphia Miniaturia

    I went this year and was kind of disappointed... I haven’t gone in a few years and the new venue was in the middle of nowhere so no good restaurants nearby. It seemed a lot smaller this year, although maybe it was just because the main room was larger and other vendors were located down hallways? Anyone else feel the same?  I overheard one person saying there was too much pre fabricated and 3d printed and stuff like that versus hand crafted stuff available. Of course it was worth it to see some of the builds  and so much talent in one space. But I might wait to go again until the venue changes. 
  2. Entrance

    From the album Three Gables House 2018 Miniatures build

    Not sure if I like this or not...  I decided the entryway should still be sort of inviting... so I'm coloring some of the stones in bright colors in the entrance. No coincidence the painted shape forms a skull head.  But lots more to color, and I'm adding more brownstone the further you get in... then washing it in grays and browns so the white grouting isn't quite so stark. Hopefully it turns out - have to wait and see once I do a little distressing. I like the way the floor cell turned out!
  3. Floor cell

    From the album Three Gables House 2018 Miniatures build

    I drilled a hole in the floor of the house - I found a great er grate image! Nothing creepier than a floor cell to nowhere...
  4. RX-7 in half scale, Just Married

    Beautiful!!! I got one years ago and this is FIANLLY the year for its restoration! I’ll post pics in September, which is the deadline for my brother to finish to make it to the Bear Mountain Ride! Can’t wait I’ve been in love with this style since my moms coworker let me drive her ‘87 model when I turned 16! Sorry to thread hijack and sorry you don’t have your baby anymore!
  5. Linoleum Question

    I've done both - the flooring samples at Home Depot, I definitely didn't have the right cutter to get through those thick boards! I ended up using the scrapbook paper with modge podge. But I didn't apply the modge podge until the paper was already glued down using this awesome glue called Gane Yes All-Purpose Stik Flat Glue. I saw it on a wallpaper tutorial on Youtube and ordered it on Amazon. It's AWESOME and none of my wallpaper or flooring has warped since, even when I heavily apply the modge podge to it.  
  6. RX-7 in half scale, Just Married

    That's adorable! Although if it were my wedding cake, it'd be an MR2.  Great idea for a wedding topper!
  7. Bottles!

    From the album Three Gables House 2018 Miniatures build

    Went over to ACMoore today and found these amazing bottles in the steampunk jewelry area... they have brown and blue ones too I'll be getting next week!This'll make for a great dark light source in addition to the oven of course! ;)
  8. apothecarysymbol2.jpg

    If you have an offer from someone with a Curio cutter (just learned about those here the other day, amazing!!!) definitely take them up on it. Otherwise I probably would have tried using Gallery Glass Liquid Lead - which is a black dimensional outliner for painted stained glass projects. But my first choice would definitely be the cutter!! 
  9. Lighting

    From the album Three Gables House 2018 Miniatures build

    Wandered around Michael's last night and found an awesome sale for 70% off black rocks and glittery blood red rocks...  so I might make the lower level outside rock and plaster and paint the rocks on the sweet side. Also found a cool sisal rope with LED lights in the mini springtime sections for 70% off... thinking of hanging those from the rafters in colored 'bottles' like in the witch house in Pirates of the Caribbean or Mama Odie in Disney's Princess and the Frog! Lights without installing lights! This is definitely a quickie house
  10. Paperclay

    From the album Three Gables House 2018 Miniatures build

    A few nights of paperclay in the interior. Will paint this weekend with acrylics. 
  11. Silhouette Curio cutting ornate hinges

    Whoa, beautiful! I may havr to look into that as my next toy!
  12. Entrance

    Me too!!! 
  13. The end

    From the album Three Gables House 2018 Miniatures build

    The back will be the scariest of all if all goes well. The plan is for a pile of bones picked over from the vultures and crows in the aviary.  Rot and fungus on the house, and a spooky circular spiderweb stained glass window if it all comes together! This is the initial plan...  I'll post stuff as it goes. Or I'll go silent, like I've done before which means it ain't working or time ran out!  hahahaha...
  14. Left side

    From the album Three Gables House 2018 Miniatures build

    This will be the sweet side exposure. Lots of icing, sappy gingerbread and candy bits. Not sure yet if I'll keep all the windows as is... they're impeding important interior shelf space. Witches are notorious hoarders. :D 
  15. Front

    From the album Three Gables House 2018 Miniatures build

    I looked up window styles and fell in love with this method called mouth blown rondels. This is a laminate print out of an actual window.  Going to try to go more old style. I actually found a nearby candy store that specializes in old German candy so I might have to make an exodus there...