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  1. Help! I need 1/2" scale hardware!

    thanks everyone. I have used the pin and bead for years for little drawer pulls, and while they give a good effect, I can't believe no one has come up with some really nice half inch scale hardware. 
  2. I am hoping that someone may be able to help. I am searching high and low for 1/2" scale pulls, knobs, etc. So far, there are the same Houseworks set of doorknob sets, which are fine. And I ordered a set of 1/2" scale knobs made by Housework. But that is all I can find. No lovely sets of .... well, anything...that you can easily find in 1/12 scale. I love working in 1/2" scale...since I no longer have the room for my big houses, and am working on a fantastic San Francisco Painted Lady...but I can't believe that someone does not produce hardware in 1/2" scale!! Does anyone know of any sources?
  3. Half Scale Ceiling Medallions

    Jackpot on the Sue Cook miniatures!!!! Thanks so much!!
  4. Half Scale Ceiling Medallions

    hmm...good idea. I think I will contact Mini Etchers...she makes beautiful laser cut things...see if maybe she could work up a design for me.
  5. Bathroom

    It's a tin ceiling available at most dollhouse supply stores. It's the smaller version. They are great because you can cut them to size and paint them any color you want...but always use spray paint so you have a nice uniform color.
  6. Ok, I have scoured the internet and can't seem to find a source of ceiling medallions in half-inch scale. Does ANYONE know of a source for them? If so, please let me know....I know someone must make them!
  7. I have recently completed my new Fairfield (see new Album in the Gallery) and it's available for sale. Please let me know if you are interested. I am in Gainesville, Florida. 
  8. Front Entrance Hall

    From the album The Fairfield 2

    looking up the stairs from the front hall.
  9. Second Floor Hallway

    From the album The Fairfield 2

    you can see the opening for the attic access.
  10. Herringbone Floor

    From the album The Fairfield 2

    Hand laid hardwood herringbone floor pattern.
  11. Dining Room Floor

    From the album The Fairfield 2

  12. Parlor Flooring

    From the album The Fairfield 2

  13. Kitchen

    From the album The Fairfield 2

    I decided not to add the shelves in the kitchen.
  14. Bathroom

    From the album The Fairfield 2

    Bathroom with bead-board and tin ceiling.
  15. Upstairs Hallway

    From the album The Fairfield 2

    Finished upstairs hallway with attic access finished.